Sonic the Hedgehog Movie to premiere on Channel 4

The Sonic the Hedgehog film is to premiere on Channel 4 this Sunday at 4.30pm.

Jim Carrey, James Marsden and Ben Schwartz star in this adventure comedy adaptation of the iconic video game franchise. The film opens with super-fast blue hedgehog Sonic (Schwartz) fleeing a tribe of angry anteaters on his home planet. In what becomes something of a theme, they’re keen to capture him and harness his power. He gets given a bag of special gold rings that allow him to open portals to wherever he wants to travel, and is sent to Earth to hide out. Sonic manages to stay incognito to the best of an anthropomorphic cartoon hedgehog’s abilities.

That is, until he causes an electromagnetic pulse one night while playing baseball on his own. The US Department of Defense start investigating what happened, and employ eccentric scientist Dr Robotnik (Carrey) to solve the mystery. When Robotnik finds one of Sonic’s quills and analyses it, he discovers the immense power the little spiky blue guy possesses and – you guessed it – wants to use it for his own shady purposes. With the help of local small-town cop Tom (Marsden), Sonic must try and escape the mad scientist’s clutches.

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