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Humax TV Tonight: A year in Provence with Carol Drinkwater

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Humax TV Tonight: A year in Provence with Carol Drinkwater

A Year in Provence with Carol Drinkwater is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

For over 30 years, All Creatures Great and Small actress and author Carol Drinkwater has been living the Mediterranean life in Provence. On a hillside above the bay of Cannes, she and her husband Michel live on an olive farm producing delicious olive oil. In this series, Carol invites us into her home and shares her local secrets, taking us to the places that have played an important part in her life and have inspired her writing. From the glamour of the Riviera to the rich history of Marseille and the wild beauty of the Camargue, viewers are given a uniquely personal journey around beautiful Provence, sampling the food, crafts and culture along the way. All Creatures Great and Small actress, author and olive farmer Carol Drinkwater shares her love of Provence in the south of France where she’s lived for the past 35 years with her husband Michel. In this first episode, we discover that it was love at first sight for the couple, how their relationship blossomed after an immediate proposal of marriage and then how their lives changed forever when they bought a derelict olive farm just 10 minutes from the glittering lights of Cannes, transforming the run-down villa into their dream home Appassionata.

Inspired by the memory of her late mother, Carol travels inland to a traditional family-run lavender farm in Sault to see how some of the best lavender in the world is harvested. She meets 89-year-old farmer Henri, who teaches her how to cut it by hand for bouquets, and then his daughter Sylvie, who extracts the valuable essential lavender oil known as blue gold. And while Michel tackles the problem of storm-damaged trees threatening their olive grove, Carol crosses the Bay of Cannes to the imposing Fort Royal on the beautiful Iles de Lerins, where the Man in the Iron Mask spent 11 years in prison. After another short boat trip, she snorkels for hidden treasure, discovering a new underwater museum beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Cote D’Azur. It’s a rude awakening for Michel and Carol’s nephew Marvin when he comes to stay for the summer. They introduce him to a little-known organic technique of hanging rotting sardines in the olive trees to protect the crop from the dreaded olive fly. To celebrate a hard day grafting on the farm, Carol shops for the freshest and most colourful produce at the glorious Forville Market in Cannes, and gastronome Michel cooks up a traditional Provençal dish of ratatouille on his new table.

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