Review: Tom Sovano Marseille Midsummer Raspberry Gimlet pre-made cocktails might just be the product of the year!

Tom Savano producers of luxury, handcrafted award-winning cocktails inspired by beautiful travel destinations and artisan spirits have recently launched their Marseille Midsummer Raspberry Gimlet pre-made cocktail. 


This light and summery cocktail is a twist on a naval classic, which hails back to the 19th century. Lime juice was highly prized in the navy, owing to its ability to fight scurvy which afflicted sailors sometimes fatally. Some officers began administering this “medicine” with gin, in order to mask the bitter taste of lime juice, which was the early seed of the gimlet, some say the source of where all this began was Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette. Lime juice, however, had very little shelf life and taking significant quantities of fresh limes onboard became problematic. Scottish entrepreneur Lauchlan Rose invented the world’s first ever fruit concentrate, Rose’s Lime juice, which was a way to transport lime in a preserved state. Ships began carrying the sweetened Rose’s Lime Juice and so the gimlet was born. 


Tom’s version is made from Salcombe Rose Sainte Marie gin, a double gold winning pink gin from Salcombe, Devon, a town with a long-established maritime history. Rosé Sainte Marie is inspired by the Sainte Marie lighthouse just off the coast of Marseille, and has been distilled using Mediterranean botanicals – the same as those that were carried to the UK from Southern France by Salcombe’s fruit schooner vessels in the 19th century. Delicately flavoured, fresh and smooth, Rosé Sainte Marie is an award-winning pink gin with an attractive perfume of Provence herbs and orange blossom finessed by lavender and lemon verbena. 


To this they add a subtle bouquet of fresh raspberry, to enhance the summery Cote D’Azur vibe, for a crisp, refreshing and lightly fruited gin cocktail that will make you feel like you’re basking in an endless summer on the French Riviera.


The cocktails are available online @ & exclusively to John Lewis with prices starting at just £13 for 200ml and £27 for the 500ml bottle.

Our Verdict: It’s easy to have a little snobbery around pre-made cocktails. Can a canned drink ever bring you the same quality and experience that you’d find in a bar? We’ve previously been left disappointed by other brands and cheap supermarket versions, but Tom Savano is a cut above the rest. Firstly, the bottles look really expensive. Really, they look so cool in our drinks cabinet, anytime we have friends around it’s the first bottle they ask us about. More importantly, these drinks are made with an awful lot of love and expertise. Moreso, they’re made with the best ingredients. The range includes a Mojito, a Cosmopolitan, a Negroni, a stunning Old Fashioned and More. The Marseille Midsummer Raspberry Gimlet is a taste sensation! The raspberry and lime combo cuts through to give a beautiful, sharp taste that is really quite something.

The price tag on these drinks means they make for an affordable gift or a fantastic treat for yourself. This has to be one of the products of the year.


Tom’s cocktail delivery is at your service to bring you the most exceptional, handcrafted cocktails to your door. Awarded number one best pick by the Evening Standard alongside best gift by the Independent, Tom uses only the finest craft spirits, hand sourced from beautiful places around the world. Each of his award-winning drinks has its own rich story behind it; a story that is waiting for you to discover – and become part of

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