Matt Lucas to announce fourth Strictly celebrity on The Radio 2 Breakfast Show

Hot on the heels of tonight’s first three Strictly reveals on The One Show, Matt Lucas will announce the fourth celebrity taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show this Thursday morning.

Matt is sitting in for Zoe Ball for two weeks, and will have the announcement shortly after 8am.

Also on on the show, Jay Flynn returns with another round of his Virtual Radio Quiz where he tests the team on their general knowledge to see who comes out on top.

Along with Adam Porter on news, Richie Anderson on travel and Mike Williams on sport, Matt and the team have the best start to your morning. With celeb guests, quizzes, headlines, tunes chosen by listeners and more music than you can shake a glitterball at!

There’s also a Pause For Thought from Laura Marks and listeners on the line as Matt entertains the nation with fun for the family!

This year’s Strictly Come Dancing starts in September. Follow us on Instagram for updates.

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