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Terry de Havilland and artist JEMIMASARA collaborate on limited edition Sketched Sneaker

Terry de Havilland and artist JEMIMASARA collaborate on limited edition Sketched Sneaker

Iconic shoe designer Terry de Havilland and artist JEMIMASARA have announced a design collaboration which sees the launch of a limited edition ‘sketched’ sneaker – designed to promote positivity and self-love amongst their audiences this summer.

They have worked throughout the spring to design and create a white, flat canvas sneaker complete with ‘self-love’-inspired colourful sketches as a gentle reminder of the importance of self-love following the rise of mental health issues in the Gen Z and Millennial sectors at a time of global pandemic. Creating a stylish product with such a timely and important message behind it was important for designers at Terry de Havilland – whose creations have been worn fashion icons such as Cher, Lady Gaga and Rita Ora – and Jemima, founder of JEMIMASARA, whose artwork reflects her advocacy for good mental health.The young artist’s work has already been featured by exclusive lifestyle brands such as Anthropologie and Wolf and Badger.

The sneaker is energetic and fun – guaranteed to put a spring in the step. Purchasers will receive the product in a hand-packaged, shimmering coral box, which will include creative stickers and a self-love manifesto created by Jemima Sara specifically for the collaboration. It includes daily do’s and don’ts and tips for taking a lighter approach to life.

The sneaker will be available to buy at the Terry de Havilland online store from Friday 16th July 2021. Available in sizes UK 3 to 8 the sneaker retails at £125.00.

Darren Spurling, Managing Director at Terry de Havilland, said: “The self-love limited edition sneaker is a design which celebrates two British brands coming together to give back to their audiences, which is very important following over a year of a global pandemic. “We have intertwined our brand roots with the sneaker and worked alongside Jemima and her uplifting artwork to create a sneaker unique to both of us, but more importantly individual to our shopper. We can’t wait to share this product as part of our ‘summer of self-love’ campaign. The sneaker is comfortable and versatile, so it can be dressed up or down whilst promoting a topic which must be addressed.”

Jemima Sara, founder of JEMIMASARA said, “I have loved working with Terry de Havilland on such an exciting collaboration which has a message very close to my heart. My passion is found in freedom of expression and mental health so this campaign and design could not be more true to the foundations Jemima Sara stems from. I hope the sneaker is enjoyed by all and raises the important reminder to love and celebrate ‘self-love’ in every form throughout the summer.” Limited edition sneakers will be available from Friday 16th July 2021 at 

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