The Humax Aura UHD Android PVR Review

Humax, the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) specialists have released their brand new PVR recorder, the Aura UHD, just in time to save us from lockdown!

Here, we present our 10 reasons why The Humax Aura UHD Android PVR is one awesome piece of kit, and a must-buy for anyone who loves TV, movies and music* (*who doesn’t).

  1. The Price is right

At around £249 this piece of wizardry is a bargain. Bear in the mind the monthly cost that SKY will charge you for a SKY Q box and the value is obvious.

2. Need for speed

Boy this thing is FAST. We’ve had PVRs in our household for years and long been frustrated by the slow and clunky nature of them. Our fingers go way quicker on the buttons than boxes can keep up with, which is so frustrating! Those days are well and truly over with this thing, which seems to be quicker than us! Seriously, the menus, the functionality, channel changing… all of it, it all operates at lightening speed and it makes ALL the difference to the experience.

3. Customisation

You can make the Humax Aura be your bff by customising it to your hearts content. There are so many options here, most specifically with the Apps. Because it runs on Android, it’s just like working a huge smartphone – add apps to your heart content, including Disney+, Amazon Prime, Spotify… all sorts!

4. Recording

You might think in this day an age there’s no need to record tv – it’s all on the apps right? Well it is, but let’s not forget two big things here. Firstly, commercial apps like All4 and itv hub have a whole load of adverts. If you’re anything like us, you really don’t need another half an hour added to Bake Off! Record them, and you can skip through them. Second, tv shows come and go on catch up platforms. You go to watch something, and it’s gone… either on a long vacation or never to be seen again. Record your faves and you’ve got them right where you need them. We find this particularly great at Christmas, where we record hours and hours of content for the kids to enjoy later. Whilst we remember, you can record three channels at once (Which is AMAZING) and get this….


One of the best features is the ability to download your recordings. Yep, you read that right. Record something and you can download it to your smart devices to watch on the go, and offline. Now THAT is genius.

6. Google Assistant

This, is amazing. Touch the button on the remote and you’ll find Google at your disposal. Ask it what the weather is doing, ask it to find a tv show, ask it to play a song (which integrates seamlessly with YouTube) and Bosh!

7. Chromecast

Chromecast is built in, and that means you can seamlessly stream your own content to the screen. That could be videos from your phone, or, you may find it’s quick to access compatible tv apps on your phone and cast them from there.

8. Freeview Play

The nation’s most popular TV platform offers an impressive 20,000+ hours of TV and 700+ boxsets, across seven on demand players*. All for free. That means, you can access hours and hours of content, even if you don’t want to pay for extra apps like Disney+.

9. Top Picks

The functionality on this thing is everything. As well as having the best live tv guide, anywhere, you’ll also have access to top picks. This presents a whole menu of on demand content curated from free-to-view platforms on one screen. You’re never going to be short of things to watch! There’s also a dedicated Kids menu, full of free to watch kids content which is amazing.

10. Humax Aura App

Watch your recordings around the house or on the go.

Download the Aura app* to a compatible smart device and stream Live TV or recordings around the house.

Set reminders, schedules and recordings through the Humax Aura App, or download recordings straight to your device to take on the go.

Available for both Android & iOS, this is a gamechanger.


We can’t tell you how slick this thing is. So easy to use, fantastic on-screen graphics and a brilliant picture, it’s mega easy to use. If we have any gripes, it’s the fact that you can’t access Netflix, Apple TV+ nor NOW TV but we understand at least one if not all of these should be heading to Humax, hopefully in the not too distant future. That would mean we don’t have to switch between capabilities on our Smart TV and the Humax, and we can just rely 100% on the latter. It is an excellent piece of kit, offering great value, ease of use and and a fantastic experience. We wholeheartedly recommend it.