The Post to air on Film4 tonight!

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks star in the story of how the Washington Post took on the US Government over a cover-up about the Vietnam War, in Stephen Spielberg’s political thriller, which is based on true events. Kay Graham (Streep) was the USA’s first female newspaper publisher. As such, she was surrounded by men waiting for her to fail, expecting her not to be able to make the difficult decisions. And what comes along? The most difficult decision of all. Editor Ben Bradlee (Hanks) brings her a story charting White House lies about the likelihood of success in the Vietnam War, spanning 30 years.

But as they gather evidence of the cover-up, The New York Times is banned from publishing any further stories about the war and The Washington Post is sure to face the Government in the Supreme Court if it publishes. Bradlee argues that they must hold the White House to account, otherwise no one will. But the stakes are high. If they are unsuccessful, it could mean the end of The Washington Post and possibly jail for the owners and employees of the paper. So, what will Kay Graham decide? Can she make the difficult decision? And what will be the outcome? See you in court.S- Subtitles (closed) SCPrem- Premiere PremM- Movie MHD- High Definition HD