The Roku Streambar Review: An absolute gamechanger for your TV

The Roku Streambar easily upgrades any TV with powerful streaming and premium sound. Hear every detail as you stream the newest and most popular channels in vibrant 4K HDR picture quality.

This small but powerful piece of kit proves it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it. This isn’t just a sound-bar, this is a whole streaming platform as well. That’s right, this piece of kit converts your tv instantly with access to all the major broadcasting apps including Disney+, NOW TV, Netflix, Apple TV+, BT Sport, Spotify and free services like the dedicated Roku Channel, BBC iPlayer, itv hub etc. There are loads more you can add too – we particularly enjoyed the fitness ones!

Did we mention that this thing offers 4k?!

The speed of the software is fantastic. It’s slick, so easy to use, and looks brilliant on screen.

As if that’s not enough, it also has built in bluetooth – so you can stream your music to it, AND the remote has voice search capability, which is a dream when there is so much content to discover and choose from.

Add in to all of that the free Roku app, which allows you to add and reorder the apps on the device and even control the device, working as a second remote and you’re probably wondering how much this thing is going to set you back and whether it’s worth it.

Well, you’ll be amazed to discover this thing is £129.99. For something that upgrades not only you tv but also your sound – including Dolby Audio -that really is quite something. We found we had the Roku Streambar out of the box and set up in less than 10 minutes. Everything you need to get started is in the box, including a HDMI cable and batteries, so it really couldn’t be any easier.

Most importantly, the sound on this thing is insaine. We had previously used a soundbar that was at least twice the size and the quality on that paled into significance once we’d tried the Roku. Crystal clear sound, excellent for hearing dialogue but also just wait until you’re streaming movies and enjoying the blockbuster sound! The standard bass setting is great as it is but if you really want to, you can crank that up a bit too.

We loved all the other quirks that come with the Roku too – there are loads of things you can do to customise the screen and the settings, but we won’t spoil it by telling you everything.

We actually found that unlike other soundbars we’ve tried, we didn’t have to mess with the settings at all. The room was filled with glorious sound from the outset.

As we’ve said, £129.99 for this is an absolute steal – and no, they’ve not paid us to say that.

In current times, where our tv is our best friend and companion and with all the amazing tv and movies coming up this Christmas, there’s no better time to invest.

Get yours here, via Amazon.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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