That Peter Crouch Podcast is number one for under 35s

Newscast is the most listened to podcast on BBC Sounds this quarter, as people have continued to turn to the podcast for news updates, analysis and conversation.

Big hits You’re Dead To Me and That Peter Crouch Podcast are the next most listened to podcasts for both all adults, with Peter Crouch number one for under 35s too.

New titles that launched in this quarter, or towards the end of the previous quarter, that appear in the top ten include The Joe Wicks Podcast and Ecstasy: the Battle of Rave which tells the story of the lives that were changed when Ecstasy and Acid House first swept Britain through both factual storytelling and drama.

Six Degrees from Jamie and Spencer has the largest proportion of under 35 listeners for the second consecutive quarter. The top ten also includes The Gemma Collins Podcast, James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds and Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe.