The Hit List Strictly Special: Marvin and Rochelle Interview

Marvin and Rochelle Humes are back with two sparkling celebrity specials of the most addictive music quiz on TV!

Get ready to put your dancing shoes on for an all singing all dancing Strictly Celebrity Special of The Hit List, coming to BBC One on 14 November. Joining them for a chance to win £10,000 for their chosen charity are Strictly professional dancers AJ Pritchard and his brother Curtis, journalist and newsreader Kate Silverton and TV presenter Anneka Rice and resident This Morning doctor Dr Ranj Singh with Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin. They might all have some moves, but who will waltz into The Hit List final?

Marvin and Rochelle tell us more…

Were you excited to be filming more Celebrity Specials of The Hit List?

Marvin: “Yeah, we loved having the celebrities come onto the show. We get messages from our friends who would love to come on. For example, I’m good friends with Roman Kemp and his dad, Martin Kemp who are a great combo with one being a DJ and the other being in one of the biggest pop bands of the 80s.”

Rochelle: “Kate and Anneka Rice were also amazing. They should do more television together! They were a great duo.”

M: “Also, with Dr Ranj and Dev, with Dev being a radio DJ, I think that’s a great help. For example, Scott Mills who has over 20 years of radio experience won the Special last year. So, I think the radio DJ’s have a little bit of an advantage. I will also say that with Fleur being a musician, she has a great bank of music knowledge and Hannah and Nathan are music fans and big fans of the show. It’s going to be great to watch.”

How do you think this group of celebrities fare? Did they play a good game?

M: “Some did, some didn’t! All I can say is that one pair of the groups did very badly. To the point of, do you even listen to music?! [laughs]”

R: “I was trying to play charades and act out the name of the song but that didn’t help!”

M: “Yeah, viewers may be screaming at their TV’s with this one!”

How do you think you would fare on the show, if the tables were turned?

M: “I think we’d do okay!”

R:“Yeah, I’d have to sing a bit in my head to remember a track.”

M:“Growing up, my dad was a DJ so I have a large catalogue in my head gained over the years. I’m not saying we’d win but I think we’d do alright!”

The Hit List Celebrity Special airs Saturday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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