Nigella’s Fish Finger Bhorta recipe from Cook, Eat, Repeat

Nigella Lawson is back with new series Cook, Eat, Repeat, featuring a whole host of innovative and surprising new recipes like the Fish Finger Bhorta!

With a range of dishes that take the most familiar of ingredients and simply elevate them to a different plane, Nigella’s calm, unhurried approach and genuine pleasure in the food she makes and eats will inspire everyone.

In this series, Nigella will get to the heart of how food is woven into our everyday lives and the connections it provides. Along the way, she’ll offer up mouthwatering dishes that range from indulgent chocolate peanut butter cake to the rich luxurious crab mac’n’cheese, and the life-affirming fear-free fish stew – all beautifully shot to bring a weekly serving of comfort and cheer into the nation’s lives.

In the first episode, Nigella explains how captivated she was with a recipe she heard about on Twitter, a dish where all the ingredients were familiar but the finished article unlike anything she had tried before.

Nigella’s Fish Finger Bhorta recipe

She shows us her take on the bhorta, a dish favoured in the Indian subcontinent of fried and mashed vegetables, to which she introduces a very British, but very familiar ingredient, topped with pink pickled onions. You’ll find the recipe for Nigella’s Fish Finger Bhorta, here.

Next, Nigella heads to her famous larder and introduces us to spicy fermented gochujang chilli paste to make comforting slow cooked lamb shanks, a dish which is completed the following day with the addition of wide noodles and cabbage.

Next, Nigella turns her attention to very ripe bananas, which she uses to make a gloriously rich and gooey chocolate tahini pudding – and then goes on to create a warming curry with a surprising ingredient.

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Catch Cook, Eat, Repeat, Monday nights at 8pm on BBC Two. Catch up via iPlayer.

All recipes from the series can be found in Nigella’s new Cook, Eat, Repeat book, available here.

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