I’m A Celebrity Interview: Sir Mo Farah

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! returns which can mean only one thing… the time has come for a brand new cast of celebrities to battle it out in TV’s toughest entertainment challenge.

This year the show will be filmed at the historic Gwrych Castle, Abergele in North Wales.
Ant & Dec will host an adapted version of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! live every night on ITV from the castle. As on the regular series, viewers will see the celebrities undertake gruelling trials and fun-filled challenges to win food and treats in the lead up to one of them being crowned, for the first time ever, King or Queen of the Castle.

Si Mo Farah tells us more about heading into the camp…

He is the most decorated track and field athlete in modern Olympic Games history and now as Sir Mo Farah enters the I’m A Celebrity camp, he admits people will be very surprised he is taking part.

But the double Olympic champion at the 2012 and 2016 Games in both the 5000 and 10,000 metre races says it has always been a big goal to appear on the programme after watching it as a fan. And so when he was approached by ITV for the first time this year, Sir Mo, 37, says he couldn’t resist accepting the offer to test himself in an arena away from running.

Explaining his reasons for going on I’m A Celebrity, Sir Mo says: “I’ve watched it on telly and thought to myself I would like to challenge myself and see what I can do – and so that is the whole reason behind it.”

“I know a lot of people will be surprised as they don’t see me in that way. They associate me with running and winning but nothing other than that. And my kids have been on at me too saying ‘I can’t see you doing that dad’ but I want to give it a go!

“I want to have fun in the camp!”

And now as he prepares to enter, the longdistance champion says he is raring to go. “I am
excited and it’s definitely sinking in now,” he says. “It’s so out of my comfort zone but I just want to go in there and be myself. I am most looking forward to meeting different people, getting
challenges thrown at you and working as a team.”

Is he scared of anything? “I am fearful of everything that moves – all animals!” he replies,
laughing as he does. “But I am not bothered if the castle is haunted and I’m not too bad with heights either.”

Given that he is such an iconic sporting legend, does he feel under enormous pressure to do well in the trials? “I think there will be a lot of pressure but hopefully it should be good,” says
determined Sir Mo. “I know the eating trials involve yucky stuff but you just have to hold
your nose and crack on!”

Revealing he doesn’t mind cooking, the athlete is considering running training sessions for the rest of the camp. “I love to exercise,” he explains. “And when I don’t train I go a bit mad! I am
missing training whilst I am in the camp and my coach isn’t very happy!”

And even though he is used to being away from his family to race abroad, Sir Mo says it will still
feel strange not being able to chat on the phone or FaceTime “I am hoping there will be a task where you are given a photo,” he adds. “I am going to miss them. My eldest child knows and she thinks I am crazy! My wife thinks it is hilarious and she has told me she can’t wait to watch!”

Aside from his family, Sir Mo thinks he will crave coffee. The lack of food won’t, however, be such a big deal nor does he think the rest of the camp will rub him up the wrong way.
“I am not a big fan of food and I don’t mind eating rice and beans for weeks and months,”
adds the athlete. “I am quite laid back.”

So how would he feel being crowned the King of the Castle? “Hopefully I can do well but I don’t know if I am going to be booted out in the first week,” he says. “You just have to be you…I am going to learn a few things about myself that is for sure.”

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