Sky sets date for Ashley Walters film BOYS

Ashley Walters makes his directorial debut with BOYS, a Sky original short film written by newcomer Jerome Holder and produced by Walters’ SLNda in association with Sky Studios.

The brand new film is to premiere on Sky Arts – the free-to-view channel – this December.

Against the grey but beautiful backdrop of East London’s skyscrapers and estates, two best friends, Noah (Hector Abbott) and Lewis (Jude Chinchen), embark on a journey into manhood, set in motion by a promise that must be fulfilled. Noah’s big brother, Nick (played by UK rapper Devlin), is serving a lengthy sentence at her majesty’s pleasure, and bestows upon his teenage brother a list of items he needs in jail. In an act of blind loyalty, Noah and Lewis set out to fulfil
Nick’s wishes, but along the way are faced with challenges and hurdles that will shape them and the men they will become.

BOYS will premiere at 10.30pm on Wednesday 2 December. You’ll be able to stream it on demand via NOW TV.

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