Review: Hello Fresh saves you serious money and reboots your mealtimes

If you’re anything like us you’ll a) be juggling working from home, kids, life admin and everything else right now and b) you’ll be void of any imagination when it comes to what to feed your family.

Step forward Hello Fresh, our lockdown saviour which has changed the way we eat and shop.

Hello Fresh is the meal service where you select the meals you want to cook, they send you all the ingredients and a recipe card, and all you have to do is follow it. They actually couldn’t make it any easier.

We tried three recipes and found superb results with all of them. During the week, we cooked our own herb crusted fish with chips and vegetables, a chicken chow mein and a beautiful bolognaise dish.

The recipes were so easy to follow. I’m no cook, and there I was, banging out dishes that looked like they’d been served up in a restaurant!

As we said, all the ingredients you need are sent to you, and everything is labelled to make it super easy. It means that useless cooks like me can’t go wrong!

We were so impressed with the quality of the ingredients, the usability of the recipe cards and most of all, with the final results. I would never normally be capable of cooking dishes like this and yet Hello Fresh made the entire thing extremely easy.

Brilliantly, when you’re new to Hello Fresh you can enjoy an excellent discount – so we say, definitely give it a go! You’ll save 50% in total over your 4 deliveries, including free shipping on the first box!

Check out, choose your meals and get cooking!