When is My Family, The Holocaust And Me with Robert Rinder on TV?

When is the second episode of Rob Rinder Holocaust on?

Rob Rinder’s moving documentary series My Family, The Holocaust And Me with Robert Rinder comes to BBC One this November.

In this moving, new two-part series, Robert Rinder helps the second and third generations of three families who have experienced the Holocaust to retrace their relatives’ footsteps and discover the full truth about what happened to them.

Robert also explores further his own family’s Holocaust stories, on both his mum’s and his dad’s sides.

Six million Jews died in the Holocaust, but as this horrific chapter of history moves further away in time the number of those who survived is dwindling and the exact detail of what happened becomes obscured. The shadow of this trauma continues to impact subsequent generations, and this series reveals what it means to be the children and grandchildren of Holocaust victims and survivors and explores the legacy of suffering they often experience. But despite the darkness, contained within these stories is strength, courage and defiance.

Episode 1 airs Monday 9 November, 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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