Out Of Her Mind interview: Fiona Button

Fiona Button is known for roles in The Split, Grantchester and hit West End Musical Rock ‘N’Roll. Now, she’s appearing in Sara Pascoe’s new BBC Two comedy series, Out Of Her Mind.

Out Of Her Mind is explores heartbreak, family and how to survive them. The series subverts the traditional sitcom format by combining eccentric characters, animation, and scientific explanation.

Sara Pascoe

We caught up with her to find out more about it….

Viewers will know you from some huge shows including Grantchester, Flack, and The Split, is there a particular show that you are most fond of?

The Split is up my street in terms of what I like to watch, plus I’m a massive Nicola Walker / Abi Morgan fan so it was something I was looking forward to hugely before we started filming. Jessica Hobbs was directing and I think she has to be one of the best around. The experience didn’t disappoint creatively, plus I had just had a baby so felt a little wobbly and production couldn’t have been more supportive, driving expressed milk back to a fridge amongst many things!

We love the sound of Out Of My Mind, what can you tell us about it?

It’s about the alter-ego of Sara Pascoe ‘Sara’ who is on a mission to destroy our faith in love… It has Juliet Stevenson and Adrian Edmonson in it. It’s totally original, funny and surprisingly moving. What more could you possibly wish for?

What can you tell us about your character, Lucy?

Lucy is Sara’s sister and announces her engagement at the beginning of the show. She’s no nonsense, full of hope for the future and entirely fed up of her sister.

With a show like Out Of My Mind, where it’s very much got a name to it in Sarah Pascoe, does it add pressure for you as a cast member to ensure it’s a success for her?

Yes. Although the way Sara was on set we never felt that. She could not have been more kind, graceful and thoughtful of those around her. She was writing, producing and starring in her own show and never once lost her s***. I think that’s pretty impressive.

The show is very ambitious, not only with its premise but also with the use of animation and scientific explanation.  How do you anticipate viewers will take to it?

Well it sounds like it might be niche, but the themes and characters are universally relatable. There’s also a lot of really (at the moment, much needed) good laughs so I hope viewers will enjoy the light relief.

The cast is first rate, can you tell us about what it was like to film? 

I loved it. There’s a sort of ‘just get on with it’ about doing comedy that I liked. The schedule was full on as it always is with TV so no time for endless chat about intentions etc! Sara, Cariad, Adrian, Tom taught me a lot just watching them, their technicality and brilliance. I’m a big Juliet Stevenson fan so it was amazing to work with and watch her.

As well as your impressive tv work, you also have an incredible body of theatre work.  What are your thoughts on the industry at the moment, with everything going on as a consequence of covid? 

It’s desperate. I have so many friends who had such reliable sources of income from theatre, now in precarious situations. I do feel hopeful though. Theatre’s been around for thousands of years, it will survive this. I fantasise about all the tearful opening nights that are to come. 

Lastly, can you tell us about any kind of genre or specific show that you would really love to do in future?

I would love to be in a musical on stage or film. Like a massive Disney one full of joy and dancing and spectacular sets. I’m not an absolutely amazing singer but I’m hoping I could play a ‘characterful’ person who sort of talk-sings and get away with it? I did audition for ‘Cats’ the movie. I think I embarrassed myself as well as everyone else in the room though….

Out Of Her Mind airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on BBC Two. Stream on demand via BBC iPlayer.

Fiona Button photo credit: Mollie Rose.

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