What is the schedule for Europe’s Biggest Dance Show tonight?

Europe’s Biggest Dance Show returns tonight, airing on BBC Radio 1 in the UK from 6pm, kicking off with Annie Mac and Danny Howard in the UK and ending with Jenny Greene on 2FM in Ireland.

Europe’s Biggest Dance Show is an initiative which connects radio stations and DJ’s all across Europe for a seven hour non-stop dance party.

So what is the schedule for tonight? Check it out, below…

  1. 18:00 Europe’s Biggest Dance Show with Annie Mac and Danny Howard from London! Europe’s Biggest Dance Show is back as Radio 1 joins forces with stations around Europe!
  2. 19:00 Europe’s Biggest Dance Show with 3FM, The Netherlands! Next stop Amsterdam, as 3FM takeover Europe’s Biggest Dance Show!
  3. 20:00 Europe’s Biggest Dance Show with P3, in Sweden. We head to Sweden with Samir Yosufi from P3 in Stockholm, featuring Rebecca & Fiona!
  4. 21:00 Europe’s Biggest Dance Show with 1LIVE and Radio Fritz from Germany. Next up, Cologne and Berlin for the German leg – featuring Claptone live!
  5. 22:00 Europe’s Biggest Dance Show continues with Studio Brussel, Belgium. Jeroen Delodder takes the baton as we head to Brussels, Belgium!
  6. 23:00 Europe’s Biggest Dance Show via RTÉ 2fm in Dublin! Jenny Greene takes control from Dublin with Brame and Hamo in the mix!

Stream the whole thing via BBC Sounds in the UK or 2fm.ie in Ireland.

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