Blockers to premiere on Channel 4

Channel 4 is to air the free-to-view premiere of 2018 comedy movie, Blockers.

When three parents get wind of their daughters being part of a prom night sex pact to lose their virginities, they take it upon themselves to put a stop to said shenanigans in this teen comedy directed by the writer of Pitch Perfect, Kay Cannon. The film opens with three little girls on their first day at school and three parents bonding over their daughters’ friendships – Lisa (Leslie Mann), Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) and Mitchell (John Cena) or, in his words, ‘Kayla’s (Geraldine Viswanathan) hero’. Fast forward 11 years and the girls have grown up everywhere but in their parents’ heads. Or, at the very least, their parents are struggling to accept that their daughters have grown up – high fives instead of chest bumps from here on in. So, prom night was always going to be tough.

A rite of passage, a coming of age, a party with booze where boys get big ideas. Lisa, Hunter and Mitchell would sail through it with a little denial. But unfortunately, denial is denied them when Julie (Kathryn Newton) leaves her laptop open on her social media feed and, well, the three parents just can’t help snooping; it’s the responsible thing to do, right? Well, back at them, because now they know their angelic daughters have entered #sexpact2018. They plan to lose their virginities on prom night, don’t they? Well, in that case, Lisa, Hunter and Mitchell must do everything they can to stop them. That’s the responsible thing to do, right?

Blockers will air at 9pm on Saturday 31 October, 2020.