The Million Pound Cube Celebrity Interview: Kevin Clifton

The Million Pound Cube has had viewers hooked all week and on Saturday, the series comes to an end with Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley competing to win the million pound jackpot.

We know Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton have the teamwork to perform on the dance floor, but how they will the fare inside The Cube?

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Kevin Clifton tells us more…

Why did you decide to take part in the Million Pound Cube?
Kevin Clifton: “Stacey and I often get asked to do things together and this just seemed
like a fun one to do. Not only did it have different challenges and games, but with two
people now being able to go into The Cube we thought it could be really fun. We also
got to raise money for our charities.”

Are you a competitive person?
Kevin Clifton: “I didn’t think I was. I used to be as a kid, but as an adult I’ve mellowed a
lot. However, when I filmed The Cube I was fiercely competitive. I think playing for
charity also gives an added pressure to not lose money as you want to get as much as
you can for them. However, Stacey was far braver than me in her gameplay, I was
happy to play it slightly safer.”

Were you a fan when it aired previously?
Kevin Clifton: “I did watch it as it was one of those fun game shows where you sit at
home thinking that you can do that. The games may look easy on the TV but they are so
much harder. There was one challenge where I had to balance a ball on a plate and I
thought ‘I can do that, it looks pretty easy’ but I spent ages in The Cube trying to
complete it.”

Do you have a favourite game?
Kevin Clifton: “As frustrating as the game was, I’d say the one I’ve just described where I
had to balance a ball on a plate. It was difficult to keep my concentration for that length
of time as I was in the Cube for quite a while trying to complete it. It sounds simple but
it was really tough. Balanced on top of a pole was a plate with a small ball on it. I had to
hold the bottom of the pole and manoeuvre from one side of The Cube to the other and
not drop the ball. Once I reached the other side I had to connect the ball to the
magnet. Honestly it was a nightmare to try and complete. It was such a difficult task.”

Did you enjoy working as part of a team?
Kevin Clifton: “I did and I think we worked well as a team as we know each other’s
strengths and weaknesses. There was one challenge where I was offering some
constructive criticism however Stacey jokingly tells me that I was being bossy! She was
brilliant at the challenge and was much calmer under pressure than me.”

What do you think each of your strengths were?
Kevin Clifton: “I would say my patience and concentration. I wasn’t sure if my dance
training would prove useful but on one challenge I had to balance myself and I went
straight into a dance pose which helped with that. I never knew I did it until

How was it filming during the Covid-19 restrictions?

Kevin Clifton: “It was fine, everyone was all socially distanced and all the procedures
were in place. It would have been nice to have had an audience but maybe I was able to
concentrate better because I didn’t have any distractions.”

How did you find filming without an audience?
Kevin Clifton: “I like performing in front of an audience. When I would practice dance
routines I would not only think about the choreography but also how to best entertain
the audience. It may have been better for my concentration that we didn’t have an

Did you feel the pressure when you entered The Cube?
Kevin Clifton: “Yes. It was funny because I was nervous from the beginning which
Stacey picked up on straight away. Even as we walked up to meet Phillip on set, I could
feel my nerves so Stacey suggested I do the first challenge, even though she was also
confident that she could potentially do it as she said it would help calm my nerves and
she was right.

“On Strictly Come Dancing you never want to be the one to leave on the first week, and
on this I didn’t want to leave without winning any money for charity. Also, The Cube
was so much bigger than I thought it was going to be.”

Would you change anything about your performance if you could play the games

Kevin Clifton: “In one challenge which me and Stacey both took part in we almost
completed it on the first attempt. We were so close I started celebrating prematurely as
I was convinced we’d done it. The challenge saw us stacking boxes and I thought we
had stacked them all in the allotted time but I didn’t see the last smaller one and we
ended up being out of time. It was so frustrating.”

The Million Pound Cube continues nightly on itv. Stream it via itv hub.