Simon Mayo’s Itch launch confirmed by CBBC

CBBC have confirmed the start date for new series Itch.

Based on the best-selling novel by author Simon Mayo, Itch (Komixx Entertainment) follows science obsessed teenager Itchingham (Itch) Lofte. Itch doesn’t fit into High School and retreats by pursuing an unusual and sometimes dangerous hobby of collecting all the elements on the periodic table.

One day, Itch discovers a new element – but this is no ordinary element, it’s a highly dangerous piece of radioactive rock that could change the whole world.

Dark forces, including Greencorp, an international energy company, would love to get their hands on the new element, but Itch knows that if it gets into the wrong hands, the whole world could be in danger.

Suddenly, Itch has to draw on everything he knows – and the contents of his backpack – to keep himself and his family alive. With no one he can trust except for his cousin Jack and a couple of friends, Itch sets off on a desperate mission to keep Element 126 away from these dark forces and save the future of the planet.

Itch will air on CBBC and BBC iPlayer from Monday 2 November, at 5pm.

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