Interview: AJ and Curtis Pritchard tell The Version about their brand new podcast

AJ Vs Curtis Pritchard Podcast

AJ and Curtis Pritchard are loved by millions of viewers thanks to their success on tv shows including Strictly Come Dancing, Love Island, The Greatest Dancer and Celebrity Hunted.

The brothers have just launched their own podcast with Global, AJ Vs Pritchard and we caught up with them to find out all about it…

How have you guys been finding lockdown?

AJ: We’ve been very lucky, we went home to see family in Chester, we got out of London, we saw Mum and Dad who we hadn’t seen for a year, and not having had a day off in over a year and having ten weeks off we kind of used our time very wisely to do different things. We did some charity work to raise money for NHS charities together, and we planned for this podcast, we’ve got a tour coming out…

Curtis: Don’t forget the calendar AJ!

AJ: Yes we did a calendar shoot the other week. It’s not out there, it should be on sale soon… yeah we used lockdown wisely and me and Curtis being in a bubble we could do various presenting jobs via Zoom like Sky News and Lorraine so yeah… we don’t want the country to go back into lockdown we want to get out and do work but whatever is safe, that’s the priority.

How have you found being together all the time? What’s that like?

Curtis: You know what, it’s actually not too bad. We are brothers and we do bicker and get on each other’s nerves every now and again but like AJ said, we’re creating for our future and that’s what we spend most of our time on really, we have all these ideas.  That’s what keeps us so strong together.

The great thing with you two is whether you’re doing Hunted or the dancing shows… you genuinely look like you’ve having the best time.

AJ: Yeah we love what we do and shows like Hunted are dream shows that we’ve always watched and never thought we’d ever have the opportunity to be on, so for me, being on that and also because it was for Stand Up To Cancer, it was one of those shows that I just had to win! No pressure but thankfully I did win that, and the money for the charity. 

Curtis: We just talk and do interviews with famous people and talk about current situations and that’s why the podcast works so well, we do so many things and we can have conversations about behind the scenes on this and that so it goes so well together.

Podcasts are so big at the moment and they give you a different kind of freedom I guess to what you’ve been used to on Strictly etc?

Curtis: Yes it’s stripped down but there isn’t so much behind the scenes stuff doing this, on Strictly and Greatest Dancer, there is so much behind the scenes to make this polished, finished picture, but with this podcast, it’s just me and AJ, a mic infront of us, having a laugh and cracking conversation.

AJ: What’s nice is we can be raw and get into detail. You don’t have the restrictions that a big show has, we can definitely be cheekier and close to the bone and get away with it, but on Strictly or Love Island you get a little slap on the wrist… but this is our free reign, we can say whatever we want to.  We do have to thank our Producer Joe. It’s just not a hundred people, it’s all Producer Joe so respect to him!  Hopefully he’ll read this and make me win the quiz.

Curtis: Joe, I love you lots!

That brings us on to the competition element and the forfeits. What are they like?

AJ: Yeah there is a structure, we discuss topical things, we have interviewed some topical names like Nicola Adams OBE who is on the first show, talking about being in Strictly’s first same-sex pairing, and then we do a head to head quiz, five questions and the loser has a forfeit. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what it is.   The forfeits will get worse, and it starts off bad. 

Curtis: Yeah after that it’s the listeners who get to choose the forfeit, and that’s going to be very interesting because it can be everything.

AJ: We love our fans and trust them and we give them a chance to ask us questions.

Curtis: We love them, I’m not sure I trust them on the forfeits!

It’s not going to be like eating Kangeroo testicles or something is it, AJ?

AJ: Whatever it is, I’m all about winning and I don’t like to lose.

Who would you really like to have on as a guest?

AJ: I think actually, we’ve just watched Britain’s Got Talent and to have Ant and Dec on the podcast talking about their long career and the way they’ve kept positive throughout all their different presenting jobs, that would be inspirational.

Curtis: They’d be quite the dynamic duo to get on.  We’d love to see how they’ve done what they’ve done and really pick their brains about it.

AJ: I won’t give it away and say who our guest is on the second podcast but I will say it was a surprise for Curtis! It is a Love Island special…. His reaction made me so happy, you’ve got to listen to it, it is brilliant.

You mentioned the tour, and the calendar, is your long term goal to do more presenting?

Curtis: Absolutely, we have the AJ and Curtis Big Night Out coming out at the end of next year.

AJ: It’s dance, it’s entertainment, there’s comedy between us, there are prizes… we love the presenting side, we thrive off it and for tv producers to see it and way wow, wouldn’t that be great on tv…. Not that we’re pushing for a tv show!

You can download the AJ Vs Curtis Podcast now via the Global Player app.  Listen to the interview which includes extra bits not written above via the player below.