ITV’s award-winning hit show The Cube is back and promising higher stakes than ever
before with a life-changing one-million-pound jackpot.

Host Phillip Schofield will return to preside over the high-octane gameshow, which sees
contestants attempt seemingly simple tasks within the high-pressure confines of the
iconic Perspex box.

Pairs of contestants, from the same household, take on The Million Pound Cube. As well
as facing solo games, they will also face brand new two player challenges. Each pair will have nine lives to complete seven games, each worth an increasing amount of money, as they move closer to the huge jackpot. Players will have to overcome extreme nerves and frustration as they take on deceivingly simple tasks such as throwing a ball into a container, balancing on a beam or stopping a clock at precisely 10 seconds. But will they have what it takes to beat the mighty Cube?

The Million Pound Cube will be stripped across the week, kick starting with a celebrity special featuring comedian and TV presenter Jason Manford who is joined by his brother Stephen and comedian Mo Gilligan and his friend, actor David Ajao.

Jason and Stephen tell us more about the show…

Why did you decide to take part in the Million Pound Cube?
Jason Manford: “I decided to take part in The Million Pound Cube as it was one of my
favourite shows, I absolutely love it. My brother (Stephen) also absolutely loves it. It
felt like something I could do, without requiring general knowledge, and it was for such
a huge amount of money that could help a charity at this very difficult time.

Stephen Manford: “Because Jay asked me!”

Are you a competitive person?
Jason Manford: “No I’m not massively competitive, my brothers are all competitive so I
decided not to be competitive because I felt like that was the best way to annoy them.”

Stephen Manford: “I’m a very competitive person, I hate losing. I reckon that’s probably
why Jason asked me to come on the show with him.”

Were you a fan when it aired previously?
Jason Manford: “Yes I was, it was one of my favourite shows.”

Stephen Manford: “I’ve always watched the show. I’d be that person at home saying how
easy the games were and that I’d be able to do it. When I heard I was going on, I built
some games in the garden and had my wife and kids throw things at me and time me at
doing different things.”

Do you have a favourite game?
Jason Manford: “I sort of like them all really, I like the simplicity of them. I’ve always
been the guy in the office who could throw a paper ball into the waste paper basket
from a decent distance. It felt like this was a gameshow for me.”

Stephen Manford: “The games that I wanted to try from previous shows were, where
you have to throw a ball through four or five glass sheets and whilst blindfolded, head
from one side of The Cube to other, whilst stepping over bars.

Did you enjoy working as part of a team?
Jason Manford: “Yes I did enjoy working as part of a team. He’s my brother and we get
on really well, we’re really close. We’ve played football together so we’ve been in a
team before and it was just nice to spend a day with him after so many months of

Stephen Manford: “Yes, it felt better having my bro in there with me.”

What do you think each of your strengths were?
Jason Manford: “Well my brother is very competitive so his strength is literally strength
because he’s a strong guy and maybe a bit of ingenuity a bit of thinking outside of the
box, (or) outside of The Cube if you will, was what I was good at.”

Stephen Manford: “Once we’d done it, I felt we were both better at strategies while out
of the game. When inside The Cube, it’s easy to get a bit lost inside your own head.”

How was it filming during the Covid-19 restrictions and how did you find filming
without an audience?

Jason Manford: “It was fine actually, I don’t think the show misses a live audience. It felt
more intense not having an audience there. It’s actually harder because obviously an
audience would be behind you, (saying) ‘you can do it’, not having them there made it
more difficult.

Stephen: “I quite liked not having the audience in there as I felt much more relaxed
while playing.”

Did you feel the pressure when you entered The Cube?
Jason Manford: “Yes it’s weird, as soon as you enter The Cube something happens. I did
feel intense pressure going into The Cube. (There was) something about that moment
(it)was pretty scary.”

Stephen Manford: “Both yes and no. The game I did on my own was surprisingly hard
and the pressure built really quickly, especially when you know the money is for
charity. But when myself and Jay went in together, I felt the pressure less having him in
there with me.”

Would you change anything about your performance if you could play the games

Jason Manford: “We did it to the best we could do it. I guess if I could do it again there
was one of the games that maybe I could have done instead of my brother but he
probably feels the same. It’s like when you watch it on telly you always think you can do
better than the people who are doing it.”

Stephen Manford: “I hate saying this, but in my solo game I should have listened to Jason
sooner. His strategy for the game was better than mine.”

The Million Pound Cube Celebrity airs this Saturday night on itv. Stream it on demand via itv hub.