Mariah Carey has been talking about why she feels now is the right time to release her memoirs. Discussing new book The Meaning of Mariah Carey with BBC Radio 2 presenter Trevor Nelson, Mariah says it’s been something she’s been wanting to do for years.

“You know it’s so interesting people asking that question, why now? I mean, when else could it have been? It’s appropriate for it to be now actually. I’ve been working on this for three years and I’ve been wanting to do it for, like, ten years. I wanted to do this when I was pregnant and the twins are now nine. I thought, ‘OK. I’m pregnant. I’m on bed rest,’ because it was a very difficult pregnancy so this would be a perfect time. But it ended up being now and it’s been locked for months. So it’s just ironic the way the world has changed since I started writing the book and, again, it’s been three years in the making so it just feels very timely”.

She continues “Even with things I am going through with my own kids like even today, stuff happening just in terms of them understanding their identity. Some of the same issues that I deal with in the book. And you think, ‘Oh well, it’s now a different time and these type of things aren’t going to happen, but it’s not true. It’s almost worse because with social media they could think somebody’s their friend and really, they could come at them and attack them and there are certain chapters in the book, there’s one called Colouring Outside the Lines, I may have talked to you about that experience where I was growing up and used a brown crayon for my dad and a peach crayon for my mum and the teachers and the whole class was laughing like I had used a green crayon and you know different moments”.

“There’s a chapter called A Girl’s Best Friend that I shared with my daughter, Monroe because I wanted her to know, like, this happened to me and if something like this happens to you, you will have the tools that I didn’t have because my parents didn’t have the language for it. They didn’t understand how to really dive into those issues. So I’ve been able, really the main reason for this book is to emancipate my little girl’s self that was, never, didn’t feel seen, didn’t feel heard, felt totally different, felt like an outsider and then spent years in this industry having to constantly define myself, which I could never do because how can you do that – encapsulate an entire life, especially when you’re dealing and you grew up in a place of trauma. You know it’s really hard to get into the stories. There’s no way, we don’t have the time to talk about one hundredth of what it was and that’s why I had to write a whole book”.

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