Maisie Smith says she’s “in it to win” Strictly

EastEnders actress Maisie Smith says she’s aiming to win Strictly Come Dancing 2020.

Speaking at a virtual press event today, the Albert Square favourite said: “I’m in it to win it, I’m going in all guns blazing. As long as I stay in for a decent amount of time I’ll be happy. Of course I’d like to win”.

When asked about her ideal dance partner, she said “I’m very strict on myself, I’m a very competitive person so I don’t know if I’ll need someone to be strict because I know I’ll be strict on myself so I need someone who’ll have a laugh with me whilst getting the work done”.

“I can take criticism on the chin, I’ll smile through the tears! As long as it’s constructive criticism I’ll take it where I can get it”.

She added “I’m here for it all, I had my glam up today and I’ve taken lots of photos already. This is the bit I’m most excited about. Tiff, my character’s look is the same so it’ll be exciting to now look glamorous every single weekend. And I haven’t looked glamorous since February! Now I can look good all the time”.