Julia Stiles returns for the third series of the sumptuous Sky original drama, joined by Rupert Graves and returning cast members Poppy Delevingne and Jack Fox.

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Julia Stiles as Georgina Clios in Riviera.

A year has passed since the explosive finale of the last series, and Georgina (Stiles) has abandoned the cursed Riviera, leaving all its devastation and damage behind to start a new life as an art restitution lecturer. However, noted expert Gabriel Hirsch has other ideas. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse – come and work with him, and practise what she’s preaching. Fast
forward to Venice, where Georgina and Gabriel are on the search for a looted Picasso at a party hosted by corrupt art dealer Luca.

Jack Fox tells us more about making season 3….

Tell us a little bit about Nico and his relationship to Daphne.
Daphne and Nico have this very intense relationship. I think anyone that shares a womb with another person is going to have that sort of endorsement of each other. They rely more on each other because as you saw in season two, their family dynamic is far from happy. There’s
still a lot of love, but since season two ended there’s more anxiety and friction between the two of them.

Can you elaborate on this and how their characters have evolved?
Nico and Daphne have a relationship of control. I think in many ways he’s got himself where he wants to be. He’s got power, the financial security he always craved and now what comes with that is the ability to act in the way that you want to behave and manipulate people into
whatever position you want. Daphne’s just slotted into that role of a submissive person. He’s deceptive towards her. He keeps her in her box. He also wants to protect her from the world. He knows how awful it can be and he knows what he’s capable of and I guess in some capacity if he’s capable of it he questions whether she’s capable of it. He wants to shield her from that at all costs. But I guess he’s lost in it. Probably tortured at how easy it was for him to indulge in acts which society doesn’t deem acceptable.

Where do we meet Nico in series three?
Georgina’s just been chased down by a pickpocket. Nico always has this ability to be in the right place or the wrong place at the right time and he’s there to pick up the pieces, literally and figuratively, when she spills her bag all over the floor. He’s actually able to see her for what she is, in his mind, which is weak, on her knees and unable to protect herself, and he finds it somewhat amusing that she’s back in the very place she said she’d never come, having burnt
down her gallery, and once again finds herself at his feet.

Tell us about the Georgina-Nico dynamic.
I think he has a love-hate relationship with her. He sees in Georgina a desire to survive,
to get through tough times. Not many people can find out their husband is alive, then dead, and then alive and then dead and come through it with a smile and grace. She possesses all the characteristics that he wishes Daphne possessed, which is power, presence and survival instincts.

What scenes have you enjoyed shooting the most so far?
You’re on a boat whipping along at 12 knots with a captain who’s raced professionally, with a crew who are extraordinary in their knowledge of their jobs. Relinquishing the little amount of control that they trust an actor with, notwithstanding that they hope they don’t capsize a boat. That was pretty great. Then you’re filming at Octopussy, which is a €150 million villa. They do the best things here. I’ve never shot on any locations like it and I’ve never had the toys like it. Riviera does that.

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