Christmas is coming and don’t the kids know it? If they haven’t already written their wish-lists they’ll no doubt be thinking about it now.

We’ve picked out a selection of fantastic toys for children to enjoy, including L.O.L Surprise! O.M.G Series 3 dolls and the BABY Born Surprise Dolls assortment. Check them out below…

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G Series 3 dolls

RRP: £31.99

Age 6+

Available from Smyths

L.O.L Surprise! O.M.G - series 3 - LolsDolls

Recently achieving nationwide coverage after being named as one of the top toys for Christmas 2020 by Argos, the L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G series 3 dolls are seriously worth the hype!

Unbox 4 brand new L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. fashion dolls, which each come with 20 surprises. They’ve all got big hair, bigger dreams and high heels and even higher standards. They also have stunning features, beautiful, styled hair, and their own glam styles.

Slide the package apart to reveal each doll’s picture, bio and the first set of surprises. Their fashions are ready to be unboxed from fabulous garment bags, their shoes have their own shoebox, and you can keep unboxing to reveal the dressing room, which even becomes a reusable playset for each doll to strut her stuff.

Each L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. includes a fashion doll, fierce fashions, shoes, a shoebox, accessories, a hat box, purse, a hair brush, a doll stand and a package that becomes a reusable playset. Collect all 4 L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Series 3 fashion dolls.

Our Verdict: These dolls look the business! Your little one will absolutely adore them, and the surprise element sets them apart from other toys.

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse Playset with 40+ Surprises and 2 Exclusives Dolls

RRP: £54.99

Age 6+

Available from Smyths

Unbox 40+ surprises in the ultimate hangout for L.O.L. Surprise! dolls & Boys – the L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse. The playset looks like two stylish shipping containers, but then it folds out, pops up and transforms into a fully furnished 3-story Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse features 7+ hangout areas including a game room, skateboard zone, patio, movie room, bedroom and kitchen! Unbox furniture and accessories for the entire house, like a foosball table, bean bag chair, hammock and more. Includes 2 exclusive dolls, a L.O.L. Surprise! doll and Boy! When finished playing, Clubhouse easily folds up, so you can take it on- the-go.

Our verdict: How cool is this?! It’s like L.O.L meets Shorditch! Your youngsters will have hours of fun with this set, which has incredible attention to detail.

BABY born Surprise Series 4 Assortment

RRP: £11.99

Age 3+

Available from Smyths

Unwrap BABY born Surprise, the cutest little bundle of joy and discover all new babies, swaddles, and colour change nappies in the new flower packaging! Each baby will reveal over 10 exciting surprises as you get to know them. Plus this series the babies are all wrapped up in the most magical themed swaddles.

Untie the bow and remove the outer flower case to reveal a sparkly, pink pouch. Reach in to uncover which baby you’ve got. Each one is wrapped in an adorable soft, snuggly swaddle and can be taking a nap as a beautiful rose, fairy pony, dreamie genie, royal swan or many more!

Wake your baby up and discover what eye colour they have by gently wiping the eyelids using a damp cloth. Then carefully open the swaddle to see the skin colour, hair colour and hair style. The baby’s bottle colour tells you if it’s a boy or a girl. Plus, feed your surprise baby with some water and watch as they wee in their nappies to reveal the colour change nappy pattern! The baby’s legs and arms move so they can sit up or lie down.

Includes a collector’s guide with surprise games to help find baby’s name, birthday, and favourite food. Also includes a birth certificate to fill out. 12 assorted dolls to collect. Each sold separately.

Our verdict: How cute! Our little girl wants THEM ALL. The birth certificate is such a sweet edition, expect your youngster to be cuddling up to these and not letting go!

Colour Addict

RRP: £9.99

Age 7+

Available to buy from Amazon


A colourful and addictive card game that is perfect for the Christmas holidays. Ideally played with 2-6 players aged 7+.

Players start with three cards in their hands to play, the rest of their cards being a personal deck. On each card is written a colour, which can be written in several different colours. One by one, players will put a card on the table, but be careful, the card must match with the card on the top of the game by colour or by word. At the end of their turn, the player draws a card from their personal deck, so they always have three cards in their hand. If you cannot play a card, draw one and pass your turn.

A great game for encouraging cognitive memory skills whilst kids aren’t in school, to win get rid of all your cards first by matching your cards to the colour or word card in the centre but be warned! It isn’t as simple as it sounds when ‘orange’ is written in green…

Our verdict: This game is so cool! It’s really quick to pick up and has the perfect level of competition.