Leading the current trend of coding toys, the Intelino Smart Train is definitely one of The Version’s Christmas Must-Buys for 2020.

Once the toy has been unboxed, you’ll find a J-1 smart engine, 1 x J-1 wagon, 20 x track pieces, 40 x colour snaps, a train decal sheet and a USB charging cable.

The Intelino Smart Train comes with its own track pieces, which your little one can enjoy putting together and configuring. Brilliantly, the track is also compatible with most traditional wooden tracks, which many of us already have at home.

Once the track has been laid, coloured ‘action snaps’ can be laid down too, and by following the coloured sequences in the instructions, the snaps tell the funky looking train what to do – for example, go faster, slow down or steer.

Then comes the really brilliant bit. Download the free app and as well the train responding to the commands, you can also control the train manually using your mobile phone. Learn and apply coding to the ‘action snaps’ and off it goes! As well as controlling the speed and direction around the track, there are other fun additions such as sounds, which are really cool and kids will love!

You can also use the mobile phone app to change the actions associated with the action snaps, and we found this particularly enjoyable to do. The train carts are fitted both with lights (which are really cool) and magnets, meaning you can connect and disconnect the two cars using the coding functions.

Our Verdict: We are so impressed with the Intelino Smart Train. It far exceeds any other train set we’ve come across and really does appeal to anyone over the age of three. It looks expensive and works really well, and we found with the added appeal of the coding and the app, the youngsters in our household were transfixed.

The starter set is available via Amazon for only £84.99 which is excellent value considering the coding capabilities and its longevity. Get yours here.