With more of us getting outdoors now and with Christmas on the horizon, our attention is drawn to Smartwatches which make the ultimate gift (for others or to yourself!).

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is the latest addition to HONOR’s wearable line-up and is the ultimate companion for those looking to go out of their comfort zone and those who dare to explore. Its rugged and outdoor design meets the 14MIL-STD-810G military standard rating and is built to withstand the toughest of environments. The solid, durable and handsome smartwatch boasts a 316 stainless-steel bezel that is inspired by the compass – a conventional symbol of adventure and exploration. HONOR has employed a multitude of techniques and processes to ensure that the HONOR Watch GS Pro is a go-to timepiece for urban adventurers.

The HONOR GS Pro is available in two types of straps to choose from, including high-performance fluoroelastomer, which is highly resistant to heat, sweat and oil, and durable nylon. The former is available in two striking colours, Charcoal Black and Marl White, while the latter comes in the all-new ocean-inspired Camo Blue and the desert-inspired Camo Grey editions.

Let’s deep dive into the technical processes that help create this stylish and rugged HONOR Watch GS Pro!

  1. 316L Stainless-Steel Bezel: High-Quality Material to Withstand Extreme Environments

Designed specifically for outdoor enthusiast and urban adventurers, the HONOR Watch GS Pro can withstand the toughest of environments beyond your everyday wear and tear. The bezel on the smartwatch is made of a type of stainless-steel known as 316L commonly found in watches and watch bands. A key characteristic of 316L is its resistance to corrosion, acids and high temperatures. For this specific reason, 316L stainless-steel is often used to make high end watches for extreme activities such as diving, skiing and hiking.

  • Precise Techniques and Processes Employed to Create a Bold and Adventurous Look

A closer look at the tough stainless-steel bezel of the HONOR Watch GS Pro will reveal the intricate layers that give the smartwatch its bold and adventurous look. Overall, HONOR employed 36 processes and 11 techniques to create the entire watch face, which boasts a multi-dimensional cutting design. The 316L stainless steel has been brushed and polished to provide a better surface finish which gives the smartwatch a premium look so that users can effortlessly transition between city life and an outdoor adventure. A brushed stainless-steel frame is also more effective at hiding fingerprints and other unwanted blemishes, an added advantage for users who spend a considerable amount of time in the outdoors.

The dials and displays on the bezel are etched carefully into the material and filled with oil. This technique creates a visual illusion that the bezel is smooth and in one piece, further giving the HONOR Watch GS Pro a sleek look. As you move away from the bezel and focus on the sides of the smartwatch, you will notice the surface is smooth and takes on a mirror-like finish. HONOR employs a technique called sandblasting, which gives it an elegant shine and eliminates any surface defects and imperfections.

While the HONOR Watch GS Pro comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED round screen, the sides are not entirely flushed or rounded. This deliberate design gives the HONOR Watch GS Pro a more burly look and keeps the touchscreen safe from unwanted bumps.

  • Beauty is in the details: Customized buttons and Intricate Designs

As smartwatches and wearables become more ubiquitous, brands need to create experiences that are more engaging, intuitive and less distracting. Instead of cramming every feature and function on these small devices, HONOR ensures that every detail on the smartwatch is purposeful and value adds to the overall user experience. To do that, HONOR employs sophisticated techniques to create the HONOR Watch GS Pro, making it a timeless masterpiece that delivers both satisfying haptic and visual feedback to the user.

Firstly, the buttons on the sides of the HONOR Watch GS Pro are cut to result in geometric folded angles that are comfortable to touch. Between the buttons, HONOR included fine lines to create a sense of direction and movement that completes the look of the smartwatch. Like the HONOR MagicWatch 2, the buttons on the HONOR Watch GS Pro also incorporates the stylish and eye-catching red lines, giving the smartwatch a distinctive personality. Secondly, the middle frame of the smartwatch is made of reinforced polycarbonate body which makes it more durable and masculine. Finally, the entire frame of the smartwatch is supported by these “wingtips” that boasts a cast iron-like texture, further reinforcing the durability and ruggedness of the HONOR Watch GS Pro.

  • Different watch straps to ensure all-day comfort 

Apart from creating products with bold and forward-thinking designs, HONOR is also committed to ensuring user comfort. This is why the HONOR Watch GS Pro is made of high-performance fluoroelastomer and comfortable nylon instead of the traditional silicone.

Fluoroelastomers are known for their durability as they are highly resistant to heat, sweat and oil. It is also a material that will not stretch out quickly, get damaged by extreme heats, or get deformed by excessively sweating on. Furthermore, it is also much less prone to induce any allergic reactions for our user. Not only is this material hardy, but it also has a textured feel to it, which adds to the overall ruggedness of the smartwatch. At this moment, only high-end smartwatch uses this material. The HONOR Watch GS Pro comes in Charcoal Black and Marl White and fluoroelastomer straps.

Nylon is also an ideal for an outdoor smartwatch because it has qualities like durability, comfort and water resistance. The HONOR Watch GS Pro is available in braided nylon straps and comes in two colors – Camo Blue and Camo Grey. This material gives the smartwatch a classic look but also makes it easier to clean when they are dirty from daily usage. The Camo Blue draws inspiration from the ocean while the Camo Grey is created to reflect the desert.

Both colors are achieved through an increasingly popular technique called dope dyeing, which is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to color synthetic textiles such as nylon. Dope dyeing, compared to more traditional methods of dyeing, uses fewer resources because the process is shorter. This leads to lesser waste generation and lowers energy use. Furthermore, textiles that are dope dyed also retain their colors longer and are resistant to multiple washing, wear and tear and exposure to UV light.

The Version’s Verdict

We have tried and tested the HONOR GS Pro and we can tell you, at this price-point it is UNBELIEVABLE.

The first thing to say is for all of its incredible technical abilities – and there are many – this is a watch that works for both the seasoned explorer – and anybody who just wants to have a decent smartwatch.

In terms of those capabilities, there are tonnes. You need to get yourself the Huawei Health app, which syncs with the watch in order to monitor and record your health and fitness. This exceptional device will monitor your sleep patterns, heart rate AND Stress Levels and with pretty much no effort, you can keep tabs on them both via the app or via the watch.

There is also a huge list of work out functions, including Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Walk and Cycle. Where the watch whilst undertaking the exercises and both the phone and the app will record and monitor your acheivements.

What sets this particular model apart from previous HONOR Smartwatches is as well as these standard exercises, this model also works for the die-hard explorer.  It is built to withstand challenging environments and provide GPS route back, outdoor functions such as skiing mode, celestial data and bad weather alerts to guide you in the wild, and intuitive features to monitor your performance.

ng explorers to train effectively and dream fiercely for their next big adventure. Kicking off the campaign, HONOR has teamed up with Ed Jackson, a former professional rugby player and recovering quadriplegic, who has been climbing mountains to raise money for charity following an accident which left him paralysed from the neck down three years ago.

No stranger to adventure, Ed has been using the HONOR Watch GS Pro to help him train for his grueling treks, including a recent trek to the summit of Gran Paradiso in Italy, allowing him to push further and explore more of the great outdoors. Due to his disability, Ed uses up to 50 percent more energy compared to able-bodied athletes. Wearable technology and the HONOR Watch GS Pro’s health monitoring features have been a lifeline to help Ed more effectively monitor his heart rate, calorie deficit and sleep quality.

Ed told The Version the watch withstands extreme temperatures and has an incredible battery 25 day life, making it an ideal tool for long expeditions.

Phone Functions

As we said earlier, you don’t have to be an explorer, hiker, or fitness fanatic to enjoy this watch, it has a whole host of features that make it a fantastic fashion addition with superior phone – watch functionality.

For example, you can make and receive calls on the watch. Simply add your contacts in via the mobile phone app, and your chosen contacts are added to the phone. This works brilliantly for calls, with clear sound and decent volume.

You can also read your notifications on the watch – everything from Tweets, Instagram notifications and Facebook notifications to calendar updates, Whatsapp messages, texts and emails.

Even more great functions

As if all that wasn’t enough, the watch will enable you to check the weather, it works as a flashlight, you can set alarms on it, and how about this, it also works as a remote shutter! Yep, position your mobile phone where you want to take an image and then tap the watch face to take the photo. GENIUS!

Lastly, add music via the phone app and you can then play it through the phone. If you prefer, you can sync the phone with bluetooth headphones.

Exceptional product, exceptional price

We can’t stress enough what great value this watch is in comparison to other similar products on the market. In summary, it feels great, it’s well made and it looks the business. The fitness capabilities and added extras like the route-back function, compass and barometer are excellent, and on top of all of that, you can make and receive calls, read your social media updates and messages, use it as a camera shutter for your phone AND listen to music. You can even choose from a huge choice of watch face designs and set it to ping as notifications come in. Don’t forget that 25 day battery life and all in all, this has to be one of the best new tech products of the year.

Don’t forget this beauty costs ONLY £249.99 which is an unbelievable price. Get more details and order yours, here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.