How to hear McFly’s new single Tonight is the Night, first.

McFly are back with Tonight is the Night, the second new single to be taken from their forthcoming album, Young Dumb Thrills.

If you want to hear the track first, stream the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 via BBC Sounds tomorrow morning (Thursday 1 October) from 8am.

Speaking about the latest album, the Danny said “I think the break we had from one another made all this fresh again – it made it really exciting”.

“There was a new vibe and open-mindedness to it all, and recording near our homes gave us so much freedom – it didn’t matter if someone had to leave for the day, which meant we didn’t overthink anything too much. Recording just became part of our lives.”

You can of course listen online later and on demand, via BBC Sounds.

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