BBC One are repeating the classic 2014 romantic drama The 7.39, starring David Morrissey (The Walking Dead), Sheridan Smith (Mrs Biggs), Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) and Sean Maguire (Scott & Bailey).

Writer, David Nicholls says: “The 7.39 is a love story for grown-ups, the sort of drama that has not been seen on television for a while. I’m delighted to be writing for the BBC again and working with such a terrific cast and production team.”

Sheridan Smith plays Sally Thorn.

Tell us about Sally Thorn?

Sally is a lovely girl who works hard. She’s the Manager of a gym in London. She’s at
that stage in her life where she doesn’t quite know what she wants. She has been
married once before and it didn’t work out. Now she’s engaged and getting cold feet
about marrying her fiancé Ryan. He’s very keen to get married and have children but
she can’t quite picture herself in that scenario. She is going along with it anyway
because he’s such a lovely guy and she is at the age where she feels she has to
settle down. Then she meets somebody on her commute to work and life changes.

What attracted you to the project in the beginning?

When I found out that David Nicholls had written this piece I was so excited. I have
always been a huge fan of his, and I’ve always wanted to work with Carnival as they
produce such great dramas. I read the script and I was hooked, I couldn’t put it down
and the part was brilliant. David is a very clever writer.

Then I heard that David Morrissey was going to be playing Carl. I did a read through
with David years ago and when we were at the RTS awards recently we saw each
other across a room and both said – “are you doing it?” and we were! Then I found
out about Olivia Colman who is my idol and gorgeous Sean who plays my husband –
it’s just a dream team. I was honoured and shocked that they wanted me, as soon as
they asked I jumped at the chance.

What has it been like working with David?
David is amazing. I couldn’t sing his praises enough to be honest. He’s such a great
actor. We did a play reading years ago and always said we wanted to work together,
so when I heard he was being cast as Carl I was thrilled. It’s so important that there
is chemistry between us and he is just brilliant, so I’m very honoured to be working
with him.

What has it been like working with John Alexander?
I have always wanted to work with John Alexander too. He has a very strong and
clear vision when he directs, but at the same time he lets us create a lot on the day,
and he lets things evolve during the scene. He’s very patient with me – I am a great

You’ve said Olivia was an idol of yours – was it fun working alongside her?
I don’t have many scenes with Olivia which is a shame, but even to be on the same
job with her is brilliant. She was always somebody that I admired and looked up to,
so when I found out she was playing Maggie I was very excited. On the same day I
was going to the Baftas we were doing a scene on the moving train, so I had to get
Cathy our make-up artist to do my make-up and I had to dress on the train. That was
the night Olivia won two awards, I picked up one and we had to come in the next day
to film, it was good fun.

David Nicholls is a genius. You go through life and people never meet that one true
love or have that connection with someone so I’ve loved being a part of this. Every
household will be having a conversation about it and there will be so many rows
between couples. It’s just really interesting seeing it from different sides and it’s a
love story but it’s kind of sexy as well and I think people should definitely tune in for

Stream The 7.39 on BBC iPlayer.