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BBC One to air The Apprentice Best Bits series

BBC One is to air a new six part series, The Apprentice Best Bits.

Over the last 15 years of the Apprentice, we’ve met hundreds of candidates, but there are a select few that are utterly unforgettable. The first episode looks back fondly at the bossy boots, the wheeler dealers, the jokers and the walking egos that we’ve loved and sometimes loved to loath.

We also learn a tip or two on how to deliver an unforgettable pitch and become a sales supremo.

Of course, there’s one character we can never forget. One who, year after year, delivers hard truths and hard cash – Britain’s most infamous boardroom boss, Lord Sugar. He joins Baroness Brady and Claude Littner on a jaunt down memory lane as they recall the characters they will never forget.

The Apprentice Best Bits starts 1 October.