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Interview: Melvin Odoom on itv2’s Celebrity Karaoke Club

Seven celebrities unleash their vocals as they head into a karaoke bar with the hopes of winning this exciting music competition. Whether their voice is like Mariah Carey or Mariah Scarey, in this competition it’s all about the love of karaoke and commanding a stage – in everything from epic solo performances to group battles.

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But there’s a twist, because the people they will have to impress are their fellow competitors, every celebrity karaoke singer is also a karaoke judge. At the end of every episode they’ll be sending someone home, with new celebrities joining the competition also hoping to be crowned the karaoke king or queen. 

The celebrities heading into Karaoke Club for the competition are: 

TV favourite Scarlett Moffatt
Comedian and Loose Women favourite Judi Love
Comedian and TV host Joel Dommett
International drag queen and entertainer Courtney Act
TV and radio presenter Roman Kemp
Ibiza Weekender’s David Potts
TV and radio presenter Melvin Odoom
Reality star Jessica Wright
Comedian and impressionist Luke Kempner
Singer and actress Diana Vickers
Drag Race’s Baga Chipz
Singer-songwriter Tallia Storm
Love Island’s Samira Mighty

In between the rounds the stars can grab a cocktail at the bar or have a good old gossip about their rivals in the toilets, because when the singing stops, the competition really begins. Can the stars form alliances with their fellow competitors and let popularity propel them to victory? Or will they rely on their performance to steal the top spot?

Radio 1’s Melvin Odoom tells us more…

What made you decide to take part in this new music entertainment show?
When it was first pitched to me, it just sounded like a dream come true. I am that guy who kind of thinks he can sing in the shower but deep down I know I don’t really have a place on stage when it comes to singing. It was the perfect opportunity though to get in front of the microphone and display what I have got without feeling too embarrassed! The show isn’t really about how good you sound but about enjoying yourself and performing!

What can viewers expect from the series?
If it is half as good to watch as it was to make, then it is going to be so much fun. No one on that show wanted to leave! I didn’t realise how much of a party it was going to be. Obviously after lockdown, it felt like a night out. Also, the cast were so much fun! Loads of people that I love to watch like Joel and Scarlett. It was the first time I met Scarlett, but it feels like she is your mate as soon as she comes in the room! There were so many great faces that made it so much fun and a nice crowd to be around. I just really enjoyed the whole experience!

Are you one to take to the stage and pick up the mic?
A few years ago I did Xtra Factor with Rochelle Humes and that was probably the closest I came to performing in front of an important crowd. I was set a challenge where I had to perform in front of Simon, Cheryl, Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora -I did Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ with this bright pink tracksuit on with baby oil on my chest with a gold chain…I was so nervous as I felt like one of the X Factor contestants! I enjoyed it so much, but this was probably the closest I have ever come to performing in front of a crowd like that.

Did you have any nerves at all?
I was super nervous. When I got there and realised I was in a room with all these talented people. The competitive side of you thinks, ‘actually I want to do quite well in this’, even though I knew I was not there to be one of the greatest singers but was there to put on a good show. Most of all I was having a great time, it was such a laugh and I didn’t want to leave. The set was also crazy – all these different roomsettings including a bathroom they decorated, a bar and a massive living area with a cupboard of fancy-dress costumes! They also had all these surprise guests that came out of nowhere. It was this mad experience which was literally the best after party you have ever been to!

Have you ever done karaoke before? Do you have any funny memories?
I remember being on a first date and we got to that stage where it was getting slightly boring, in a normal first date way. My date turned around and said, ‘why don’t we do something fun?’. She said that she knew this karaoke bar down the road and we randomly went! It was 11PM at night
and there was literally no one there. We ended up singing to each other for the whole evening and it turned out to be a really cool, fun, first date. I do also remember taking over…I was singing songs back to back!

What are you going to bring to your performances?

I am a Strictly Come Dancing Christmas winner, so you know I have a few moves up my sleeve! The thing about me is I like to think I get along with most people and on this show obviously it is all about each contestant voting…so I think as long as I am entertaining and nice, I will hopefully stay in the competition for as long as possible.

Are you in it to win it?
I think everyone is really, as it is too much of a fun show to leave!

When you saw your competitors/fellow judges for the first time, who did you think your biggest competition was?
To be fair I thought it was going to be Courtney as she really ticks a lot of boxes. She can sing, she can perform, and she is a bit of a chameleon – she can do sexy, quite cool or even funny…I also think part of this show is not taking yourself too seriously! Courtney was definitely one to beat!

When judging your other competitors, what were you looking for from their performances?
I was looking for the one that made me smile the most and the one that made me laugh! Also, the person that looked like they were enjoying it the most. You got bonus points too if you picked a tune that was an absolute ‘banger’. If I thought it was a tune that I also would love to sing myself and I thought I could jump up and do a duet with you, then you definitely got my bonus points!

Celebrity Karaoke Club is coming to itv2 soon – it will stream via itv hub.