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Interview: Courtney Act on itv2’s Celebrity Karaoke Club

Coming to ITV2 this autumn, the series will see seven celebrities unleash their vocals as they head into a karaoke bar with the hopes of winning this exciting music competition. Whether their voice is like Mariah Carey or Mariah Scarey, in this competition it’s all about the love of karaoke and commanding a stage – in everything from epic solo performances to group battles.
But there’s a twist, because the people they will have to impress are their fellow competitors, every celebrity karaoke singer is also a karaoke judge. At the end of every episode they’ll be sending someone home, with new celebrities joining the competition also hoping to be crowned the karaoke king or queen.

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Courtney Act tells us more…

What made you decide to take part in this new music entertainment show?
I have a lifelong fear [of karaoke] and I think that life is about facing your fears, so I decided what better way than Celebrity Karaoke Club…I think this may have actually added to the trauma! I hosted karaoke when I first moved to LA so I thought that I would have overcome my fear of karaoke…I haven’t.

What can viewers expect from the series?
It is not a singing competition! It is about karaoke, which is about performance. I was blown away by some really fun performances. A lot of fun was had and there were many big personalities in the group. I feel like, despite being a stage performer, I took away some notes on how to really sell a number!

Are you one to take to the stage and pick up the mic?
I love singing and it is what I do as a living, but singing karaoke is not the same thing. Normally when you go on stage you know what the song is, you know what key it is in, you have done a soundcheck and you are in a bit more of control of the situation. However, with karaoke, there are so many variables! You don’t know what key it is going to be in, what the mic is going to sound like, what the arrangement will be, if you actually know the words…I think part of being a performer is being ‘rehearsed’ and knowing what you are going to do but with karaoke you are throwing caution to the wind and it can be hit and miss!

Did you have any nerves at all?
Yes, I did! There were definitely parts of the show that I can’t remember, so I am excited to see those moments for the first time on television.

Have you ever done karaoke before? Do you have any funny memories?
When I was hosting karaoke in LA, when I first moved there years ago, if somebody put in a song and didn’t turn up, I would attempt to sing it. This is how I learnt, strangely, that ‘You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin, kind of works for me. Although it did come up during Celebrity Karaoke Club and well…someone else got to sing it.

What are you going to bring to your performances?
I definitely overcompensated with how I looked with lots of fun outfits, hair and shoes. I think with everyone being in lockdown, it was nice to have an opportunity to get dressed up and go for a ‘night out’ – I think this is what I have been gagging for.

Are you in it to win it?
I feel like the right answer is yes…but the truthful answer is that I would be happy to just get out unscathed!

When you saw your competitors/fellow judges for the first time, who did you think your biggest competition was?
I know that Scarlett is undeniably likeable, loveable and adorable…so I knew she would be a lot of fun to be with. Melvin definitely seemed like he had a confidence in the game, but it is hard to tell on day one! Once everyone opened their mouths, it became clear that it wasn’t a singing competition, it was a karaoke competition, but in a really good way!

When judging your other competitors, what were you looking for from their performances?
I was looking to be entertained and I think I was probably listening to the vocals a bit more as that is what I do. But as the night went on, I did end up pushing buttons on the karaoke machine…to be quite honest!

Celebrity Karaoke Club is coming soon to itv2. It will stream via itv hub.