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Interview: Georgia Blizzard on new itv drama The Singapore Grip

Adapted from Booker Prize winner J.G. Farrell’s novel by Oscar winning screenwriter and playwright Sir Christopher Hampton (Atonement, Dangerous Liaisons), The Singapore Grip stars Luke Treadaway, David Morrissey, Jane Horrocks, Colm Meaney and Charles Dance. Former Coronation Street actor Elizabeth Tan and rising star Georgia Blizzard will also star as leads in the highly anticipated series.

An epic story set during World War Two, The Singapore Grip focuses on a British family living in Singapore at the time of the Japanese invasion.

Olivier Award winning actor Luke Treadaway (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Ordeal By Innocence, Traitors) plays the reluctant hero and innocent abroad Matthew Webb.

Georgia Blizzard

Award winning actor, David Morrissey (The Missing, Britannia, The Walking Dead) takes the role of ruthless rubber merchant Walter Blackett, who is head of British Singapore’s oldest and most powerful firm alongside his business partner Webb played by Charles Dance OBE (Game of Thrones, And Then There Were None).

With Webb’s health failing, Walter needs to ensure the future of their firm is secure. He decides Webb’s son Matthew is the perfect match for his spoilt daughter Joan (Georgia Blizzard). Matthew’s idealism leaves Walter increasingly suspicious as Matthew himself falls under the spell of Vera Chiang (Elizabeth Tan), a mysterious Chinese refugee.

We had an exclusive chat with Georgia Blizzard to find out more…

How would you describe this show?

It’s a satirical period drama that is centred around a wealthy British family living in Singapore at the time of the Japanese invasion in World War two, so it shines a critical spotlight on Britain’s colonial past and over the course of the six episodes we watch our protagonists clinging on to their prosperous lives almost oblivious to the reality of the situation around them.

It’s exploring new depths for tv over here, are viewers going to learn something from this?

I think so, that’s definitely the impression I’ve got from talking to people here… everybody came to the work and said this is not something that’s really taught in the history here and I think it’s definitely an important thing to acknowledge and it will spark some interesting conversations.

It looks like it will be phenomenal on screen can you tell us about where it was filmed?

It looks unbelievable, the costumes and the set are just glorious, we shot out in Malaysia, certain parts where they have all that colonial architecture that look like 1930’s Singapore, so we shot it all there, it was super bright, super colourful it’s really epic in its scale and it’s a real feast for the eyes.

How did it compare to previous projects you’ve worked on?

This was really exciting for me it was my first time working outside of Australia which in itself was really cool, this was definitely the largest role I’ve ever taken on and it was the first time I’ve been part of a project from the very beginning, all the way through, which was really exciting to be part of that whole process and to have done it among such an amazing cast and with a script that is so exciting. I couldn’t have asked for a better job really it was fantastic.

The cast has some real stalwarts of drama in there, what were they like to work with?

Amazing lineup yeah, David Morrisey plays my Dad, Jane Horrocks plays my Mother, Charles Dance is there… bunch of incredible actors in there, Luke Treadaway…. The list goes on. It was such a gift to be working alongside such seasoned actors and observing the way they approached the work as well and also just such a lovely group of people. It was special that we were all away from home together, it had a real sense of adventure and we were lucky to be hanging out and getting to know each other.

The Singapore Grip starts Sunday at 9pm on itv. Stream it via itv hub.