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U2’s The Edge talks Zoom calls with Bono on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show

The Edge chatted to Jo Whiley on her Radio 2 show earlier tonight about Zoom calls, lockdown and the release of U2’s special 20th Anniversary release, plus an exclusive play of a rare track.

Here are some highlights from their chat:

On lockdown

Jo: What was the impact of when it very first began, when we all realised we had to decide where we were going to be and who we wanted to be with?

Edge: I was actually working on some new songs with Bono and…. I had a decision, am I going to go to Dublin or am I going to head to California where my wife was so I opted to head for the wife which I think was the right call, ‘cause literally within two days they’d shut all flights into America so I snuck in and spent the first part of the lockdown with Morleigh in California and then came to Dublin for early May and was in Dublin for a while… I felt very fortunate… overall I felt like one of the really lucky ones.

On if he’s doing Zoom calls with Bono

Edge: I’m known as the technology genius, but basically that’s because I know how to fix the printer. That’s about the extent of my technology skills, but to say that sets me on a whole different level to everyone else in the band should explain what you’re dealing with so yeah it has been challenging at times.

On messing up a Zoom call

Edge: I had this Zoom call to a bunch of people and did a whole kind of visual presentation and it was only after I got off the call I realised that I hadn’t had the video on so no-one saw anything so everyone was too polite to tell me that I was just a disembodied voice and they could see absolutely nothing… no-one stopped me, they all thought I was being really coy or like secretive and whatever!

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