The next contestant for Strictly Come Dancing 2020 was revealed on KISS Breakfast today as none other than HRVY! The 21 year old singer and YouTube star joined Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely on KISS this morning to chat about how he was feeling now the news now it’s finally out there.

Speaking to Jordan and Perri on KISS Breakfast, HRVY said “I’m so excited, I’m well nervous I won’t lie. I don’t think it’s the dancing, it’s the tight shirts and the tights trousers and that… I’m excited to be on the telly. I’m excited for my mum and nan to watch, they’re buzzing. They’re just as excited as I am.”

On how long is he kept the news under wraps – “I’ve had this news for months and months and months and I’ve been telling people I’ve got something coming up at the end of the year. And they’re like what is it?! I’m like, I can’t say. To finally be able to say is such a good feeling.”

“I was more concerned about my mum, ‘cause she definitely can’t keep her mouth closed. But she did. I did tell my nan because she’s the biggest, biggest fan. And honestly I think she almost fainted.”

HRVY revealed he is in the show to pick up the glitterball trophy – “I love myself a challenge . I really want to win. I’m in it to win it. Let me tell you, if I go out the first week I’m going to have to change my name and move to a different country. My mates will absolutely wreck me if I go out the first week. That’s my only mission is to not go out the first week and then I’m happy. But I still want to win.”

“100% I’ve got it in me. I’m going to work so hard. My hips can move man, my hips don’t lie.”

On how the opportunity came about – “Last year I was asked to do the show but I couldn’t because I was on tour. And then I got asked to do it again this year which I was buzzing about… I got asked, I think near the beginning of the year so I’ve known for a long time.”

On the Strictly Curse – “I’m currently single so I mean… I might be looking for some love on Strictly! If it comes my way, if I find some chemistry with someone and they’re like I’m down, 100%. It happened to Joe (Sugg). I feel like dancing is so intimate, it can spark up something.”

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