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Spice up your Autumn with the warmth of Devon Rum

Spice up your Autumn with the warmth of Devon Rum

Whether you are a fastidious connoisseur or an occasional tippler, rum drinkers nationwide are sure to delight in Devon Rum Co’s small batch, premium spiced rum – expertly and ethically crafted in Devon.

Devon Rum Co’s unique blend of pot and column-stilled rum is created in close partnership with one of the world’s leading blenders and importers of traditional Caribbean rum sourced in Jamaica and Guyana. Made by mixing distillery strength nectar with soft Devon spring water to bring it down to a drinking strength of 40% ABV, it is then infused with a unique blend of aromatic spices, pepper, and citrus zest.
Unlike many alternative spiced rums, they add no vanilla, sugar or colouring and have concentrated on the quality of the base rum, a carefully crafted recipe and sourcing quality natural ingredients to deliver this delightful spirit.

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Enjoyed simply on its own, with your favourite mixer or as a delicious cocktail base. The rum is bright burnt amber in colour with aromas of charred orange peel, notes of caramel, hints of cardamom and a smack of zesty peppercorn.

Devon Rum Co was founded by David Seear, who after thirty years in recruitment decided to ditch the city life in favour of a rather more free-spirited lifestyle by the seaside. After conducting extensive research* which showed that although once reserved as the favoured tipple of sea dogs and Cuban bartenders, rum is increasingly appreciated by a new generation of tastemakers who are flexing their taste buds in new directions. Thus, Seear set about creating a premium spiced rum that celebrates the South West: the sensations of rolling tides, salty fresh air, long afternoon barbecues and sandy beaches are captured, bottled, and enjoyed in every sip.

Devon Rum Co is crafted with passion, using quality, ethically sourced products and is available to buy online for home delivery, and in select artisan shops.

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Our Verdict: The Devon Rum Company have come up with a recipe which far exceeds the mass-produced rums that line your supermarket shelves. The warmth and spice is an excellent blend that is a cut above the rest. It’s great with an ice cold mixer but perhaps more-so, we enjoyed it neat, taking in the scent and taste that match the magnificent amber colour perfectly.

A bottle of Devon Rum would make a fantastic gift, with the excellent packaging and contemporary bottle design. In fact we hate to say it, but this would make for a brilliant Christmas present. There’s a 20cl bottle available for only £16.95 but actually, the 70 cl bottle costing just £35.95 is a steal.

For more details and to buy online, go to – but be quick, we’re quite tempted to buy the lot!