Send the gift of love* (*gin) with East Gifting Outfit

In challenging times like this sometimes you just want to be able to show somebody you care. We found it almost impossible to think of an ideal present that would really look the business and make somebody’s day.

Just look at it!Just look at it!

Just look at it!

Then, we came across the East Gifting Outfit.

East Gifting Outfit (EGO) carefully selects the finest drink combinations and packages them up in a stylish, cheekily branded gift box with personalised note to give your special someone #alittleEGOboost this Autumn.

The packaging really looks the business – it’s super smart and elegant and we were so impressed by the look of it. It’s elegant, but cheeky, and looks like it’s come straight off the shelf in Selfridges after you’ve paid a small fortune for it.

east gifting outfit.jpgeast gifting outfit.jpg

Luckily, that’s not the reality. First off, this thing of beauty gets posted directly to your chosen recipient (or yourself!). Second, it only costs £27.95 for the 100ml gin box or £34.95 for the 200ml gin box.

It looks like you forked out way more than that. Friendship goals SMASHED!

EGO have several gift box options including beer, gin and no alcohol spirits. Our picks for Autumn nights are:

  • The Gentleman – 4x craft beers

  • The Lady – 100mls of London Dry Gin and 4x hand pressed tonics

  • The Winter Babe – Seedlip Spice 94 and 4x hand pressed tonics

Check out the range and get yours ordered via Feel free to buy us one whilst you’re at it.