Ricky Gervais and Samuel L Jackson’s ‘Blazing Samurai’ for 2021 release

Ricky Gervais and Samuel L Jackson’s new film Blazing Samurai is to be released in 2021.

Blazing Samurai is an upcoming animated movie inspired by the classic Western comedy film Blazing Saddles, released in 1974.

blazing samuri film 2021.jpgblazing samuri film 2021.jpg

A good dog named Hank (voiced by Michael Cera) has dreams of becoming a great samurai. When evil cat Ika Chu (Ricky Gervais) threatens the town of Kakamucho, Hank relies on former samurai and cat Jimbo (Samuel L. Jackson) to help him protect their town defeat evil and live like a real samurai.

The film was originally intended for release in 2017 but suffered financial setbacks.

The exact release date in 2021 is tbc.