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Tom Savano’s Mai Tai cocktail is guaranteed to make your mouth water

Take the taste of the Caribbean home with Tom Savano

Tom Savano have released their highly anticipated fifth drink in their award-winning, signature cocktail range, and it’s just what we need in our lives right now. 

Their fifth expression, the Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai, is their most exciting launch to date and one that’s guaranteed to make your mouth water. Originally made by Trader Vic in 1944 at the dawn of tiki cocktail culture, Tom Savano’s unique recipe takes this one step further. Combining four craft rums, a rum-infused French orange shrubb, zesty lime and warm almond, they’ve created a cocktail so rich in flavour, you’ll feel like you’re on the beach at the Four Seasons in Maui. Not bad for summer in a socially-distanced bubble!



Inspired by centuries of naval tradition, the team at Tom Savano were drawn to the story of how sailors would spend years in the Caribbean working a hard life, yet look forward to ‘Up Spirits’, the time of day when they would receive their daily rum ration to boost morale. For that brief moment, they would be able to sit back and appreciate the beauty of the islands and world around them with their shipmates, a sentiment that couldn’t resonate more strongly with the current state of our Covid-restricted world.  

Made in London using only authentic spirits from family-run distilleries, their beautifully designed vintage romance bottles fit easily in the fridge or in a handbag, so are simply perfect for picnics, garden get-togethers or to take your special date night to the next level.

Tom Savano cocktails are definitely up there as the leader when it comes to pre-mixed cocktails, with fantastic quality recipes that taste just as good as what you’d find in the finest cocktail bars.   We absolutely loved the Mai Tai which was rich with spice and felt like a real treat.

Available to buy in both 20cl and 50cl formats from, the bottles cost £12 and £27 respectively and are available now to ship anywhere in the UK contact-free.