Adil Ray is to host Lingo a new words-based gameshow for itv.

The 30 part series sees contestant pairs compete across a series of rounds, for the chance to win a cash prize.

Three teams are pitted against each other in a battle to find words.  With each round the stakes become higher and the prize money escalates. Tactics are paramount – if a team cannot find a word there are opportunities for their opponents to swoop in and claim the word and the money.   Only one pair will make it to the End Game, where they can double their potential prize – however, if words fail them, they could lose everything and leave empty handed.

Adil Ray said, “I feel like I have just won the star prize on a game show! I am so excited to be working with ITV and Wildcard and to be hosting such a brilliant game. When I told my Aunty about it she wanted to come on as a contestant, as long as it was in Punjabi. She won’t be coming on. But you could be, and I promise Lingo will be lots of fun. You have my word.”

Each episode lasts 60 minutes. The series will launch on itv this Winter.