West Midlands Safari Park is a fantastic family day out which all generations will love.

Take the drive-through safari, which takes approx 90min – two hours. It’s a slow drive through the landscape in which you will come up close with camels, zebras and eland – the largest of the antelope species. Our kids loved it when the animals came right up to the car and we found it highly entertaining!

Other animals are kept in enclosures, but you can still see them closely. Lions, tigers, elephants, rhino and cheetah can all be seen. When we visited, it was wet weather which did mean some of the animals kept away and were hard to see, and this caused a little disappointment for our little ones. That said, it was short lived, as spotting some of the animals which were hiding away became something of a game. The safari was very busy, meaning you’re essentially sat in a traffic jam, but as long as you have the time to spend, it makes for a highly enjoyable and relaxed experience.

Also on site is a fully fledged zoo and mini theme park, and we loved it. At the zoo, we saw reptiles, snakes, birds… all sorts! One thing that really stood out was the live sea lion show, in which Callum the sealion performed a whole bunch of tricks both in and out of the water. We loved it!

Two other stand out attractions were the Ice Age section, in which we saw giant animatronic models of ice age animals and likewise, the dinosaur section which scared our youngest a little one (aged 3 and a half) but absolutely thrilled our eldest (age 6).

After the animals, we headed to the mini themepark. You can either purchase wristbands which get you unlimited rides, or you can pay per ride, which we did. There are loads of great rides on offer and it all feels like a very safe and fun family environment.

Whilst the park was nicely busy, there was no issue at all with social distancing. There was plenty of space, one way systems, sanitisers and plenty of staff on hand to help. It felt like a really positive, entertaining day out and after some refreshments and a visit to the gift shop, we were all fully satisfied.

As with all attractions like this, you want to get there early to maximise your time – these places aren’t cheap, but if you ca spend a whole day there you can really get some good value out of it.

We highly recommend West Midlands Safari Park. Visit http://www.wmsp.co.uk/ for more details.