Without any formal training, the multi-award winning Harry Hill is taking the lid off a different genre of TV each week in his brand new series for BBC Two, Harry Hill’s World Of TV.

Harry Hill’s World Of TV is not just a hilarious lesson in TV history, but a lesson in what is required to make each of the main TV genres, starting off with Soaps.


Soaps are at the helm of British TV, capturing the hearts of audiences across the UK and getting the nation talking. Harry will be showing us the scandalous devices and storylines used to keep people hooked, watching the daily lives of local communities.

From 1954’s The Grove Family through to Crossroads, and Albion Market, to Coronation Street and EastEnders, Harry will be delving into what connects the lands of the TV Soap.

The BBC haven’t yet confirmed the exact timing for when the show will air, but it will start on Sunday 23 August.