Jordan and Perri talk KISS Breakfast in our exclusive interview

Weekday mornings are about to get a whole lot more vibey, with the news that Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely are to become the brand-new hosts of KISS Breakfast.
Best mates Jordan and Perri met in 2007 and soon shot to fame in dance group Diversity, before enjoying highly successful careers on stage, TV and as content creators. They joined weekends on KISS in 2019, soon proving that their brand of real-talk, genuine friendship and laughs really connects with listeners. Now they’re ready to bring their chemistry to a bigger radio stage.

Expect support for the freshest new music as well as the biggest anthems each morning to get you hyped for the day ahead. Sharing stories from their lives, the guys will make their own circle of mates part of the show – from the biggest KISS artists, to their barber who has a story for every occasion.

We caught up with the lads to find out how they’re feeling about their new gig, and what’s in store…

You guys must be buzzing this week, how you feeling?

J: Yeah bro! We’ve been doing some dry runs this week, seeing how things feel and testing out some different features and things, but our producer Rob he’s an absolute legend. He’s been like ‘let’s try and make it as real as possible, so we’ve been getting up at 5am, starting at 6… Waking up at half three it still feels like the same night you went to sleep, it’s like you’ve fallen asleep on the sofa and then gone upstairs it’s that sort of feeling.  But once you get in, once you start the show it is just so much fun, at the moment we’re talking to ourselves in the studio but once we’re actually talking to people… that interaction is coming in, either on the socials or texting or whatever is happening I’m just buzzing for it man, it’s like a different type of performing.

P: Yeah I think prepping it for so long, and now we can see what the show is and what it’s gonna be, but it’s still here, the moment you take it live, everyone’s involved it’s going to go up a level.

It’s going to be amazing. You’ve done tours, massive tv shows… but radio is where everyone wants to be right now, isn’t it?

J: Yeah we’ve only been involved with radio for about a year and a half and it’s one of those things, the moment you start it’s either one of those things you’re going to get on with or you’re not.  Luckily, me and Perri we just loved it.  People saw the relationship we had and said, ‘let’s transform it so it works on air’.  We’ve only had our weekend show so it feels like a big jump to go to breakfast, but on those Saturday shows the connection we had with listeners coming in 9-12, we loved building that repertoire so now to do it on a much bigger scale every single day, I’m excited for it, it’s a different feeling.  It’s so much fun, love it.

You’re not going to sleep on Sunday night are you? Are you tempted to do an all nighter?

P: Oh you know what, I can’t even adjust to the timings of this week, on Sunday I ended up going to bed at half one or something so I got an hour forty-five sleep and came in and I thought this can’t run, so I need to make sure I get sleep on Sunday! At the same time I’m going to be so excited for it, it’s gonna be first show, first week I’ll be like a kid on Christmas.

There’s a real trend at the moment to make it all about the listener. What can people expect from your new Kiss Breakfast show?

J: Yeah I think rather than it be like ‘do you wanna win twenty grand, give us a call’… I mean yeah you can build it up and package it and make it look sick but I think for me and Pel, we’re with you guys every day, it’s like you’re up, we’re up, let’s just have some fun. It’ll be like group chat, all round good vibe thing. It sounds cheesy to say we want it to be a like a Kiss Breakfast family but that’s the truth. That’s the brief behind our show and what we want to do and what everyone at Kiss wants to do, we want to make it all inclusive, we want to make it fun and we want to make it a case of… if we’re in here and Katy Perry is hear discussing a new album, we want to be able to just go yeah, we’ll chat about that and then Brad from Dartford might be on the phone late for work you know? We all want to be on that level, having a real honest good time.

P: I think one thing that’s real nice is when you’re a listener, you forget about how much you rely on the radio you know? It might just be on in the background but if it disappeared all of a sudden, you’d miss it. You’d feel like something is wrong.  It’ll be so nice to wake up with people, start their morning with them, you wake up most mornings and sometimes you put on the radio and it can completely flip your mood.  We want to bring what we do outside of here into the show and bring everyone through.

I know demographics are important, but a great thing about KISS is it feels it’s all inclusive, it’s just all about the love for this amazing music.  You must be so excited to play these tunes?

J: Yeah, music’s the number one thing. For us, that’s why we love being on the show.  There’s no motive, no ‘oh this is what we want to attract’, it’s nothing like that.  It’s a case of ‘we love what you and Pel do, we love the connection you two have, let’s stick the mics on and the faders up and you two do that.  And, we get to play the music that we genuinely enjoy, which is why we wanted to be a part of Kiss.  It’s dance, pop, hip hop, this is the stuff we want to be part of. To be a channel for that is sick.

You two being great friends, you’ll have no shortage of things to say, have you discussed where the filters have to come in?

P: Nah, what we do on this station is exactly what we’d be doing if we weren’t on the air.  We hang out together, chill, listen to music, chat, and that’s what we’ll be doing on air, so no filter, we’ll just be ourselves.

J: Man we did some promo videos and it was like ‘tell us five things about Perri he wouldn’t want us to say and I’m like ‘he doesn’t really need glasses ha ha ha’, Pel comes on and he’s like ‘Jordan’s got eczema on his leg!’ so no there’s not really a filter! We just go for it!

The stuff Kiss do with their events, Kisstory Weekender for example have just sounded epic, how are you feeling about when lockdown is done and you can get out there at these Kiss events?

P: Oh yeah I feel like we’re fully in the Kiss family now so when all that opens out and it expands… I want to be at every party possible! I loved the Kisstory Weekender and having that party vibe at home but I can’t wait to get out there with everyone just having a really good time. We could get involved!

J: We might set ourselves a little challenge to try and do a set somewhere. 

P: That would be sick!

Do it! What about Ibiza 2021?

J: Yeah bro! That would be sick!

P: You know what I’ve never been to Ibiza just to party, I’ve only ever worked there. If I could do a set on my first proper visit that would be life goals!

J: Come on! The Version are going to have to come with us bro!

We’ll talk to your lovely press people about that!  Thanks so much for your time, we can’t wait to hear the show and we’ll see you in Ibiza if we don’t see you before!

KISS Breakfast with Jordan Banjo & Perri Kiely will launch on August 3rd. Make sure you follow ‘KISSFMUK’ on social and download the KISS Kube app to keep in touch with all the latest.

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