When it comes to materials Giesswein have always treaded lightly, making sure their brand only produces the best – from happy sheep to natural and sustainable materials – Giesswein is a family business that means business when it comes to exceptional quality. 


As the largest and #1 producer of wool shoes across Europe and in 2019 achieving over 1 million woolen shoes sold, they’re not only the leader when it comes to the wool shoe revolution, but continue to set the standard for what you can expect from a Giesswein shoe. 


Giesswein know their customers are already walking on air, but they’ve decided to celebrate over 65 years as the market leader by redefining lightweight and launching the NEW Giesswein Wool Sneaker. At only 160g, almost half the weight of an average running shoe, the Giesswein Wool Sneaker is revolutionising a ‘lightweight feel’

So just how light is 160g? Well, it’s equivalent to 100 paper clips, 150 jelly beans, 160 feathers or even 800 rain drops.


By utilising a thin upper material made from our unique 3D Stretch Merino Wool and the ultra-light EVA foam soles (which are proven longer lasting than a traditional rubber sole), our Merino Wool Sneaker will have you feel like you’re walking barefoot. Maintaining all of our traditional merino wool benefits such as sock-free wearability, temperature and moisture regulation and anti-odor, we’ll have you walking on air without compromise.

The Version says: The Giesswein Merino Wool sneaker is incredible! We could not believe how light it is and and the ability to walk long distance, sock-free in complete comfort is fantastic – it’s like spending the day in your slippers!

These things feel super expensive – they’re expertly made and despite all the comfort factors, no compromise has been made on style – they look awesome.

The Giesswein Wool Sneaker is available for £89 exclusively at uk.giesswein.com and they’re worth every penny!