Based on his own experiences of growing up on a London estate, global superstar Idris Elba’s comic and very personal story In the Long Run returns for a third series this month.

As season three begins, Mama comes to London! As Walter worries about whether his life on the Eastbridge will make his Mama proud, Valentine worries that Kobna is taking his place as the favourite one. For the first time in a while, life is good for Bagpipes, but a panic attack reminds him of the fragility of life which brings immediate changes in the De La Croix household. Meanwhile Agnes and the community gather to make the case for improvements on the estate, where even Mama lends a helping hand.

In the Long Run Season 3 will air at 10pm on Wednesday 22 July on Sky One and NOW TV, where you can also watch it on demand. Catch up with seasons 1 and 2, now.

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