Exclusive Interview: Mary and Romain spill Selling Sunset secrets

Selling Sunset is the brilliant documentary series from Netflix, which shows the highs and lows of real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

The agents work hard, play hard and love hard, and it’s fair to say there’s a good amount of bitching!

We caught up with two favourites from the series, Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bennett to find out more about the secrets from the show, before it returns next month!

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Photo credit: Ari Askari

Firstly, congratulations on your marriage!  How is married life treating you both?

Mary: Married life is amazing! We are absolutely thrilled with how our wedding turned out, especially given all of the hurdles along the way.  We have both been working so much (as usual) so haven’t been able to just stop and enjoy it all just yet, however we are currently planning a very nice getaway over the summer to make up for it. Unfortunately our honeymoon to Bali was even cancelled due to border shutdowns with COVID at the last second, literally turned away at the airport.

The wedding looked incredible and of course preceded Christine’s.  How did hers compare?

Mary: There is no way to compare in our opinion, other than the fact that our respective weddings clearly highlight our different personalities. Christine and I had completely different goals for our wedding day, neither is right/ wrong or better/worse.  Romain and I wanted an intimate, elegant, and sentimental vibe with our family and closest friends as a focus, and they were included the entire time. Christine went for the extravagant and the ultimate show angle, which (don’t get me wrong) was amazing and a true experience as well.  She looked amazing and it was very entertaining. Bottom line is I think we are both very happy with our partners and respective weddings, regardless of their differences, and that’s what ultimately matters at the end of the day. 

Romain, we loved how you stuck to your guns and banned Davina.  What was the fall out of that like, after the wedding?

I believe nothing really ever happened to me because Davina never addressed the situation with me, and I really couldn’t care much about it. No one ever said anything to me, they probably understood that nothing will change my mind or opinion about her. Just awkward whenever she tries to say hi or be polite to me. But annoying that they are trying to get my wife involved who can  hate confrontation/ arguments instead of just coming to me to address it.  

Mary, some of the girls think Jason lets you get away with whatever you like.  What do you make to that?

I think it’s hilarious because it’s the farthest thing from the truth! If anything, he holds me to higher standards because he knows and has seen my capabilities and would never tolerate anything sub-par from me.  I actually have an extensive and independent client base where I get frequent referrals, especially through previous clients and personal contacts. Unfortunately due to my past relationship with Jason, some of these deals are assumed to be “handed to me” and simply given to me out of favoritism. This is 100% not true, the majority of my deals over the last few years are self-procured.  However in all honesty if Jason does have a listing he is not able or willing to take on, I am one of the first people he calls to assist because I’ve proven myself time and time again. 

Selling Sunset is a huge success, can you tell us about any exciting offers you’ve had as a result of that?

Mary: The feedback has been amazing, better than I ever imagined!  I’ve received more requests to represent potential buyers than I ever thought would happen at this point.   I do have multiple legit clients I’m currently working with that have resulted from the show, and I’m also quickly trying to structure a new “vetting” system for all of the inquiries to make sure my time and effort is not wasted. It’s a sensitive and fine line to navigate, and I’m still figuring it out with all of the new attention, and incredibly grateful for the opportunity of being a part of the show. 

We could totally see you on a show like Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars in the UK), how would you feel about doing that or anything similar?

Mary: Well it would be a fun thing to do and experience for sure, but I’m sure they would never ask me once they saw my current dancing abilities!

We’re going to be in LA next year. If you guys were going to give us a big welcome at your home, what would it look like? Any chance of that happening?

Mary: Absolutely, you will be given a fantastic LA style welcome party when you come. 

Mary, we love how you are so true to yourself and you are the one who comes across as being so loyal. What advice would you give to women working with women, given the experiences you’ve had?

Mary: I love this question! Women in general have a tendency to put each other down instead of building each other up. This competition and the need of superiority over each other needs to stop!! 

Season 3 of Selling Sunset is coming, what can we expect this time?

Mary: Season 3 is going to be epic. We, even as the cast, never predicted the ups and downs you’ll see. There are massive home sales and new real estate porn that everyone loves, a wedding, a divorce, office drama, relationship drama….basically we laid it all on the table on Season 3!

To finish, we have some quick questions for you:Mary, we are jealous of the watch you wear in the Selling Sunset interviews. What brand is it?

Hublot Big Bang 

You both look immaculate.  Can you give us a killer diet/health tip, please?  And what’s in that green drink we see you with? 

Mary: Thank you so much! I drink a dirty matcha latte w/almond milk almost daily, that is the green drink I’m seen with in most episodes. Romain is much more of a gym rat than I am, but we have both luckily found what works for our body types. He eats lots of protein and healthy carbs to fuel his intense workouts and nonstop work schedule. I stick with small frequent meals, consisting of lots of veggies mostly, but yes I eat carbs and I never deprive myself which makes it easy not to overindulge or overeat.  I do hot yoga/ hot pilates a few times per week, and of course I show multiple homes per day in heels, so that’s a workout all on it’s own!! 

Where’s the best place we should check out when we’re in LA?

Mary: There are so many amazing places in LA. Whatever vibe you want, you will definitely find the best here! Tourism is a little tough though in LA compared to NYC or London especially. Our city is so spread out, offering completely different experiences in each area, that it makes it difficult to pinpoint one particular place to go to.  However, obviously The Oppenheim Group is an absolute must!!!

Did you treat yourselves to anything from the money you made from selling that $40million house?

Mary: Oh, I wish I could personally claim selling it! However, it was Jason’s listing, and he sold it to a young couple already committed to another brokerage. I did buy a Maserati though this year with earnings from my own sales though!

From dedicated fruit jars to rugs under every bed, Selling Sunset is great for spotting new interior design trends. What’s the in thing we should be doing in our homes this year?

Mary: Everyone has different taste and styles, but we are seeing a much larger shift from the previously all-white contemporary homes, to a warmer sophisticted vibe.  Whether new construction or a remodel, I think buyers are now leaning towards homes that offer high-quality construction, and want a home that won’t look out of date in 5-10 years. 

Selling Sunset Season 3 premieres on Netflix on August 7. Read our interview with Christine Quinn, here.

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