Providing instant Stone Cold Satisfaction, cold brewing slows the deterioration of coffee right down so it stays fresh in this awesome Coffee Gator pitcher for weeks! That means you can always have a carafe sat in the refrigerator for an instant, cool, fiesta of flavour and refreshment.

The longer brewing process makes it strong enough to dilute with two or three parts of water – or just about anything else you fancy mixing with it.

Cold Brew is Different. Iced coffee is made with hot espresso and quickly cooled so it comes out bitter. There’s no heat involved in cold brew. Put grounds in the filter, top up with water and relax. Easy as slipping on a banana skin on a tightrope.

Clean, Clear and Clutterless. So you’re a fan of spilling coffee over the kitchen, are you? No, didn’t think so. That’s why we provide a free measuring scoop, collapsible funnel and reusable filter with your cold brew kit.

Five Minute Masterclass: Cold Brew

Our Verdict: This is awesome! We hadn’t come across a product like this before, which enables you to keep ice cold coffee in the refrigerator for so long, meaning it’s available when you want it. Let’s face it, when it’s boiling hot outside, you just want cold refreshment in an instant.

This is a fantastic piece of kit and excellent value at only £40.50 with international shipping. Even better, if you live in the states, you can get one for only $26.99!

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