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Treat yourself to these stunning craft spirits this Summer!

As the weather hots up, treaet yourself to these stunning craft spirits Bumbu Original, Bumbu XO,and McQueen and the Violet Fogonline at – and have them delivered straight to Dad’s door.


Bumbu Originalis an exquisite, all-natural craft rum blended with native Caribbean spices & ingredients. Crafted by hand in Barbados & aged for up to 15 years, this smooth sipping rum with caramel, oak and roasted nut flavours is too good to put down!

£34.95 at The Whiskey Exchange


Bumbu XOrum is distilled in Panama and aged up to 18 years in bourbon barrels and finished in white oak sherry barrels. Bumbu XO’s notes of toffee, toasted oak, and vanilla give way to orange zest, peppery spice, and even a hint of coffee. A wonderful sherry-finished rum which pairs with a robust cigar.

£41.25 at The Whiskey Exchange

McQueen and the Violet Fog_1.png

McQueen and the Violet Fogis an artisanal gin made in Jundiai, Brazil. It uses a blend of 21 botanicals, including basil, rosemary, fennel seed, calamansi, star anise and acai, with a strong juniper core. Each batch of gin is distilled in small batch copper pots, limiting each batch to 500 liters per distillation. And if you needed any more convincing of this gin’s unique attributes, it gets its name from a poem about a mysterious rock band written by a poet who calls himself, simply, Atticus. The last two stanzas of the poem are printed on the back of the gin’s bottle.

£36.45 at The Whiskey Exchange

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