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Review: The Melitta Avanza Fully Automatic Coffee Machine ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

During lockdown, The Version visited a certain high street coffee shop to purchase a latte.   £4 later, we stopped to think about how much money we plough into these places, buying lattes, cappuccinos and Macchiatos every day.  (£4 x 30 is £120 if you didn’t know).

We’ve had Nespresso and Tassimo machines in the past, but have found that the novelty soon wears off – the drinks are just too synthetic and can’t match up to the real stuff – by which we mean bean-to-cup drinks.

So, with this mission in mind (and too much time on our hands due to lockdown), we set about looking for alternatives – and this is when we came across Melitta.

What stood out straight away with Melitta machines is the look of them.   HELL-O.   We’ve all seen those fancy machines used by Baristas and we wanted a piece of that for ourselves.  Melitta more than ticked the box, with a whole range of machines at different price points.   With a modest sized kitchen already full of gadgets, we didn’t want anything too big, but we didn’t want to lose any kind of quality or range in what drinks we could make.

The machine in action. Just look how beautiful this coffee looks!

(It tastes awesome too).

This is where the Melitta Avanza comes in.  According to the information online, this magnificent machine is capable of making Macchiatos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, espresso, Café Crème…. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick – we want the lot!    Next, it’s size.  Proving it’s not the size that counts but what you do with it, the Melitta Avanza is under 30cm wide.    That’s right, this thing is 353mm high x 200 width x 455 deep.  On reading that, we were even more intrigued! How can something so compact deliver the punch of the kind of drink we’re used to paying £4 for?

Well the great news, it can and it does!   And it’s so easy to use!  This little beauty can even make two drinks at once! You can set the strength, you an set the size of the drink, and yes – this grinds beans infront of your eyes meaning there’s absolutely nothing synthetic about the coffee!  What’s really great, is the speed of the thing – it takes seconds from pressing a button to having a freshly ground coffee in your hand.

Below: Actual footage of our Macchiato. Just look at the movement on it!

Surely it can’t froth real milk as well, right? WRONG!    Brilliantly, the Melitta Avanza has a neat little tube with a fancy name, Cappuccinatore, and a big job to do.   Simply pop the end of the tube into some milk (we purchased a proper stainless steel milk jug, because you know, you need to look the part), turn the steamer dial and then boom! It pulls the milk through, all light and frothy.  This is fantastic for Macchiatos (our favourite) whereby you put the frothed milk into the glass first, and then run the coffee through it, or Cappuchino’s, where you do it the other way round.  Actually, this brings us on to the handy free Melitta app, which tells you exactly how to make your favourite drinks.     Memo to self – must buy some white chocolate later, to make white chocolate mochas!

Now we know exactly what you’re thinking.  This is all very well, but how much is this thing going to cost?   Well here comes the best thing of all.   This machine is £499.  Think about it, £499.  And we’ve been enjoying an average of 3 drinks a day out of it, each.  So, if we were paying £4 a drink that works out at….  £24 per day, or a colossal £720 a month!  Yep, that’s what myself and Mrs Version were paying in the old days, prior to lockdown and prior to discovering Melitta.

Our his and hers drinks

So with that in mind, think how much you spend on high street coffee and you’ll quickly see that investing in a machine like this is a very, very smart investment. And let’s face it, a good coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures that we can’t do without.

What else can we tell you? Well, it’s so easy to clean, and actually you can buy special cleaning agents for a very low price from Amazon, to ensure it’s correctly flushed through and no oils from the coffee beans or milk are being left behind.   We purchased a filter for ours, at around £8, which means we don’t have to worry about limescale at all, and it only needs changing once a year! And lastly, so clever is this wee thing that it will tell you when you need to service it, and even then you just need to press a button and follow some simple instructions.

Before we wrap up, we need to answer the all important question.  Is the coffee any good?

Hell yes.   Obviously, because there are no added nasties, no fake milks, no flavourings etc, everything depends on the quality of the beans we used. We tried a range of different ones, from cheap everyday beans from Lidl to some posh stuff from Waitrose and it does of course make a difference to taste.  You’ll also find some people will prefer different strengths, which is fine because the machine has three different settings.  The drinks really do taste fantastic. You’re not going to find any difference from what you’ve tasted on the high street because there is no difference!  There’s no reason for it to be different.   We just recommend you have a play with different drinks, different settings, and we guarantee it won’t be long before you’re showing off and adding in syrups, whipped cream and cinnamon on the top!  But that’s all part of the experience – making your own coffees at home like this is so much fun!

The Avanza® is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines on the market, yet impresses with its functions, features and appearance. Choose between espresso, café crème, latte macchiato and cappuccino.  Find full product details and purchase yours here:

Treat yourself – you won’t look back! The Version Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

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A Melitta Avanza machine was gifted to The Version to enable us to produce this review.  This did not influence this review and no agreement is in place for us to give a positive opinion.

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